Jan 14, 2015

Reflections of a Christmas past

May the reflection
 of your yesterdays
serve as a platform
reaching the potential
of your every tomorrow.

 Reflection  1. A thought occurring in consideration or meditation.
                   2. A fixing of the thoughts on something; careful consideration.
 is finding your

 Potential    1. possible, as opposed to actual:
                            2. capable of being or becoming:
                             3. A latent excellence or ability that may or may not be developed.
in the absence of

   Din            1. A loud, confused noise; a continued loud or tumultuous sound; noisy clamor.

 On the cusp of a  new year, every year I attempt to stop my world wheel and get off for a little while.
 I like to tone it down and tune it out if you will. 
I need to Re group, Rethink, Rehash, Re-assess and reconsider.

Although I can't afford to physically get away from it all,  I know that I cannot afford either,
not to get away from it all.
Lillian the Domestic Engineer.Blogspot.ca

 I manage to unplug the world
  by plugging into my tub!

It is largely
 through reflection
that I come to see 
how time invested in self
provides clarity.

My Sons traveled with their Dad  to visit Nanny and Poppy for Christmas this year.
It was a return trip home that was 14 years in the making.
The last time the trip was made, we drove across the country. 
The boys were  9, 7, 6 and 5. 
It seems as though it were only yesterday. 

They were all gone over Christmas and New Years for a stretch of ten days.

I spent Christmas day with my Mom, my siblings and their families.
The absence of my Dad who passed this last October gave rise to a nostalgia that continues to engulf and enlighten me into the ways of reality. 
Life really is short. 

My Dad had only just arrived at his 80th Birthday.

Domestic Engineer

 I spent the remaining holiday enjoying the company of self.
Contrary to the conviction of many who believed
 I must surely be sad to be at home alone over the holidays,
 I relished the opportunity.

I like to think I spend my time wisely.
There is so little of it.

Between commitments and obligations,
duties and celebrations
 rules and regulations
awaits the time for pondering and self preservation.
This time must be found, managed and enjoyed guilt free.

Domestic Engineer  - What matters?

Every movement of moment

Every word of conversation
Invest wisely in yourself.
Have a Happy, Healthy New Year

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