Jan 18, 2015

Make your own Coloring Book

                     After you have created your own Crayons. HERE

Create your own coloring book.

                              You can create your own Coloring book!

Make your own Crayon and Book

Customize it.
 A Team Coloring Book is a great personalized gift.
 A Family picture coloring book can be completed with name and titles.
 A nature or scenic coloring book becomes educational.

Sports coloring book

Team coloring book

Peek through the pics that you have on file.
There are plenty that will lend themselves well to the making your own coloring book.

PETS are puuurfect!

Cat Coloring book

 DIY Coloring book

Get back to Nature.

DIY Coloring Book

All of these pictures have been electronically altered by a Photo Edit Program.
I Click on Effect, then Artistic and finally INK SKETCH.
 Ink line thickness and the level of color in each picture can also be manipulated.

Print each picture on 8.5x11 inch regular paper.
Create cover using Card Stock (A slightly heavier paper stock.)
 Staple all together. Color!

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