Jan 13, 2015

Let the sun shine in!

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 Sunshine is the icing on a frozen cake.

  As I raised the blinds on another day the frost on the window 
was highlighted by the back drop of a rising sun 
which created beautiful, coral colored, floral like patterns 
on the window pane.

I could see and almost count the individual snow flakes stacked upon one another on the table just outside my front window. 
There was an accumulation of another 3 cm as a result of last nights snow fall.

It is 32 below zero outside.
Winter Wonderland@ Lillian the Domestic Engineer

  The frost may be heavy but my spirits are high.  
 The pastel turquoise and soft pink hues fading from the new day sky give rise to the sunshine
  and an undeniable appreciation of simply being alive. 

I head off down the range road that I travel to work.
 The long and winding road makes it's way through the snow covered fields where Mother Nature plays.
 I turn up the heater which is finally blowing warm air. 
 I sip my Java on the run.
 I turn on the radio in time to hear the Jockey cautioning people to take care driving out there.
 The Sun through my car window has warmed my soul.
 I finally take my mittens off. 
 I am overcome by the beauty of another Winters day.   

Be Grateful everyday

I continue on my way...
Past this stand of giggling trees
the road winds and dips through the prairie deep freeze.
Eventually I arrive at my destination
where I will see an elderly client who herself has seen 92 winters.
Many a long, cold, hard season wrought with hard work and trying times,
that I'm certain have helped to strengthened her spirit and harden her mind.
She became the age she grew to be by looking past the weather to see the trees.
By seeing the beauty in every day she has weathered wonderfully.

She is gallant, gracious and grateful.
 She is witty, wonderful and warm.
She is the icing on my cake when the Sun don't shine!

She is my inspiration when motivation is lacking in mine. 

Let the sun shine in +Lillian the Domestic Engineer 

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