Nov 25, 2014

Button, Button

Button Cards
                  Button, Button, whose got the buttons?
   I remember the pleasures of fiddling through the buttons in my Grandma's button box. 
 I would scoop up a handful of buttons up and let them fall through my fingers like sand on the beach, 
imagining that the buttons were all newly discovered diamonds in the rough.

 As I played I pondered. 
 Where did all the buttons come from? 
 Were they all once worn on an article of clothing? 
Why were there so many buttons of one kind and so few of another?
 How did they make the shiny buttons so pretty? 
Would I have my own button box someday?

 I remember the joy of then discovering my Moms button collection. She had both a button box and big jar of buttons. 
I enjoyed spinning the clear jar around to view the vast variety of buttons contained within.
As I recall I used to spend a lot of time finding my own "Waldo"
 in the button jar.  I would select a button to re-find before turning and sometimes even shaking the jar in an effort to lose and then relocate the treasured button.

 My own button collection at that time were buttons with sayings on them. The kind that people pinned to themselves or their belongings. 
I pinned all my button collection to a large wall hanging so I could see them all at one time. Slowly my button collection grew old! 

 I got older too. 
After Jr. High School and the Home Ec. Classes, I began to see 
that my age old assumption may not be sew. (lol)
 To have a good button collection perhaps one did not have to be old.

I had grown old enough to know that I did have a growing thing with buttons!
After being gifted my first Singer Sewing machine in grade 7
 I began to gather folds and buttons of my own.

I was growing into myself while changing the buttons on everything else. The fun, funky, colorful buttons that could make a statement before I had to say anything else were changing me.
My button collection continued to grow.

 As did I. 

In the 80's I was introduced to Fimo Dough (Polymer Clay)
The polymer world opened the doors to the production of creative, colorful, original buttons.
Buttons were all over me!

True to tradition I was amassing a real button collection of my own. 
I never managed to leave old buttons behind 
that I would find in bargain stores for a nickle or a dime.
My beloved button collection is now the result thereof.  

Recently I have discovered the joy of re working old silk ties.

The old buttons I have collected are the perfect mate
 for these old guys...
They become the eyes of the I phone case
that see the joy in the memory of place.

I spent a bit of time the other day looking for the turquoise button 
that below is displayed
 I didn't only find the button I sought
 but also uncovered the sweet memories 
of which I am wrought.

I Phone Case
Buttons on I Phone Case
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Lillian the Domestic Engineer

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