Mar 6, 2014

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Lillian the Domestic Engineer HOME


I CRAFT anytime.
COOK, usually on time.
CLEAN well, most of the time.
PARENT all the time and
BLOG in my free time!

Lillian the Domestic Engineer My DAZE

Keep laughing!

Crafty, curious, creative, emotional,

frugal, humorous, honest, industrious,
intuitive, insightful, exhausted, Mother
Opinionated, organized, trustworthy,

passionate, polite, persistent, patient,
practical, sentimental, wondrous, 
Human, Partner, Parent,
Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Friend, 
Welcome to my world.     Lillian the Domestic Engineer


 I like to think that I have aged gracefully and weathered wisely along my journey. 
I accept that I may be a little pickled 
but I like to regard this as a result of having been well aged and blended splendidly.

I have laughed as I have cried. I learned as I tried.
I have embraced the blessings of good fortune 
and good health with
solid values and in good morale.
I have encountered many a hard and painful growing lessons endeared only with good humor and in good faith.
 I have grown to know and to embrace my life experiences as lessons in the plan of the ever changing plans. Plans are made to be changed. Only a fool never changes ones mind!

As I believe we are the harvest of the seeds we plant, I so believe in the need
to sow, to savor, to harvest and discover,
to live, to uncover. 
To learn, to laugh, to register and to rediscover
as I work at being conscience of the journey. 

I excitedly gaze into my future with hopes and dreams of fulfilling my potential ( I will grow up one day and discover what I want to be)
 as I enjoy the many splendors of watching my children blossom into young men full of potential.
At my life I look graciously ahead and with gratitude, I look behind. The passing of time has made up my mind.
  Survival really is all a matter of mind. 
The truth really is If you don't mind it doesn't matter. There is probably not another Soul around willing to get at her!
Look as you should learn to hear, selectively.
Learn that to Liberate is to Deliberate 
and you will find the freedom
to pee alone while talking on the phone!

Don't forget to laugh (at yourself)  along the way and to forgive yourself for the things you will do and say..
Oh for the Love of a Mother!

My Handsome Family

Yup, that's me. A MOM!
I no longer answer 
without the sense of entitlement that I'm entitled to but rather when I'm asked by those I meet, 
"What do you do?"

I Proudly proclaim (perhaps with no brain, as a result of having allegedly lost a quarter of my brain through the birthing of each Son) 
"I'm the lucky Mom of four great Sons
 and right where I want to be."
A Domestic Engineer, I am indeed. What did you say you do?

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