Mar 4, 2014

Personalize Polymer Clay

Lillian The Domestic Engineer

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As the familiar dough ball warms in the palm of my hand
I am moved to play..
Adding a second color of clay
moves the Polymer Clay to play!
With so much to make in Polymer Clay
I hope this Post moves you to play!


Almost 30 years ago I was first introduced to Fimo Dough
 -as I then knew Polymer Clay to be.

For 30 years now I have extolled the virtues of this wonderful product.
Polymer Clay. It's colors, versatility, therapeutic abilities, it's affordability and it's availability.

No household should be without it!
It moves Children from 8-88 to play.

Baby Bling    
I lived on BC's West Coast, "The Rock" for many, many years. You know the story ..
When you get Lemons you make Lemonade. Well I got rocks! 
Needless to say, the rocks found their place as a base under the play of Polymer Clay. 
I thought them very effective.
 The weight of the rock played well with the plasticity of the Polymer. 
 The Baby Bling was gifted as a paper weight!

TheTooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy was made with a little pouch
created in the dress for the teeth.
The hands and face are Polymer Clay
and the dressing  and wings were made from Fabric and Lace. 
The Star attached through a hole created in the hand, was a broken piece from an old decoration.
The body was glued into an old Brass Candle Holder over which the garment hung down.
It stood on the dresser beside the bed.

My Sisters are Angels!
A wonderful application for the "Effects" of the Polymer Clay.
The White Polymer had both a Translucent and a Glitter Effects to it.
The Red Polymer in the Flowers also had a Glitter Effect.
The Angel was built onto and then baked directly on the metal frame
which was once also a Candle Holder.
Lillian the Domestic Engineer

 Silent Nights
This was quite a compilation of creation.
I had purchased 12 of the Frames at the Dollar Store.
They had beautiful black velvet backs with stands.
The Chiri Paper back ground was the result of work I had created while at play with tape, paper and paint..
The lettering is old, old..did I say old.. Letra Set.
The letters are rubbed onto the desired surface from the transfer sheet.
The Angel Bling thing glued onto the glass itself  is formed of Polymer Clay before being adorned with jeweled bits, baked and attached to the up cycled jewel base at back.
The fabric Bow is created and tipped on with white glue.

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