Mar 12, 2014

Mom are you Listening?

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              Mom are you Listening?

   MOM, did you hear me??
 Did you call to make an appointment with the dentist for me today?
 Mom do you remember where I put my keys yesterday?
Can you unplug the toilet in the basement today?
 Do you know where my winter toque went to?
Mom will you type up an Resume for me?
Can you go to the bank for me today?
I can't find my computer cord do you have one I can borrow"?

It continues..."Mom, did you move my coat?
MOM, I can't find it in here!
Have you seen my phone?
What's for supper tonight?
Can I join Baseball this season? Lacrosse too?
 Mom are you listening to me?
 Did you call the school today?

Mom, did you hear what I asked you!?
 Mom can I borrow your car to go to a Basketball game?
Did you buy waffles today?
 Mom can you fix the hole in my pants and my girlfriends shirt too?

 From the bowels of the basement a holler follows
 MOM would ya toss down some toilet paper down?
MOM the washers making a horrible noise and there's cat puke in the
middle of the laundry room floor,
 Mom what should I do?
 Mom are you listening? Answer me!
 I was Blogging. I didn't hear what you said. Is there's something growing
  in or under your bed? Did you say you're sick and got a sore head? What!
Your thingy is really red?  Did you say the CAT is dead?
  "Mom did you hear me?  I'm talking to you"!          
    I'm Blogging in here I can't really hear...
      No I continued, not another pet! 
MOOOOOM can you answer me?"
  Should I move it or can it get wet?
 YEAH SURE I assured,  that sounds great...
  Will you do it now  before it's too late?
 And then I heard the front door close right after I heard them say
   Thanks Mom, Love you, have a great day
 They say that practice makes perfect of the day to day.
Some day I will perfect the art of selective listening through the bathroom door.
 The art of only hearing what I need to hear doesn't just come naturally to me.

In the meantime in my own mind I have to go look and see
at what cost it was to me to have listened selectively?
On my way down the basement stairs the guilt I felt for not really listening
 gave rise to a fear that riddled me. What should I expect to see?

 In the bathroom I shuttered with orgasmic relief to find a working toilet
with only a few drops of pee on the seat.  No cat puke or even laundry
laying on the laundry room floor
just a cell phone and a jacket I think someone asked me for.
After picking them up I headed up past the clock on the wall
that ticks away the time I have to accomplish it all!

I've only a few hours left today before I hear somebody say
Mom where is the homework I left on the shelf today?
Did someone take the soda I was saving for myself?
Mom, what time is my appointment and can so and so come?
Mom can you fix my shoe I really need it done?

 MOM......Are you listening to me?
I am indeed as selectively as possible.

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