Feb 7, 2014

Write On! Make your own Pen Pot.


Add these precious Pen Pots to your must make list.
At a cost of less than around $5.00 each I think these Pen Pots are the perfect Craft for all seasons and for everyone on your List.        

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Never loose a Pen again, this one is simply too big to just walk away!
Easy to make, economically priced, easily seasonally adjusted ( simply change the flower in the pot) and kid friendly to create makes these Pen Pots a practical project worth pursuing all year long!  
Craft @ Lillian the Domestic Engineer

 To start. Get the Clay Pot. You don't want a clay pot that is too big to sit on a desk...hmmm unless the desk happens to be ten feet long by four feet wide and requires (perhaps) a bouquet of flowers.

 Use a brush to apply the flat, black, acrylic paint to the pot. You can chose whatever color, shape or design you like. I used the black because I like that the finished effect resembles a chalk board.
After painting the stripes around my pot and allowing it to dry for half an hour, I glued the pot to the base with a hot glue gun.

 Pumper Paint Pens are perfect... for so many things.
 As well as being the perfect tool for writing on the Pen Pots they are also ultra smooth for use on windows.
They are a paint product and do require a blade to remove from the glass effectively afterwards but the highlighting and detail capacities are marvelous. I often use them to outline on my Hand Painted Window Splashes. I also drew my Snowflakes with Pumper Pens. See HERE

  I just happened to have four cork coaster lying around
 and so it was that they were a perfect cushion for the bottom of
 the pots. I attached the coasters with hot glue.

  Decorate! Be Creative and always, always think out of the box
(or the Pot as the case may be) 
Wait, I'm having an AH Ha moment.....
I just remembered having rolled 4 pairs of panties for my young Niece into long stemmed Roses. They were then wrapped like a bouquet in a cellophane wrap and tied with a bow. They were beautiful and she was thrilled. 
Instead of a pen I used a Chop Stick and attached the rolled panties at top with floral tape. The stem was then wrapped as is the pen below.
I'll have to dig up pictures or make another few pairs of panties into Roses just to show you. (mental note made) 
for Valentines Day the Pot could be painted in a heart motif and the long stem Rose Panties could be inserted and wrapped in cellophane.
These would also be a great  Place Setting to make at a Child's Garden Party. Fill them with Jelly Beans  when they are dry and before they go home. 
Make them up as little organizers. They would look great lined up on a counter top and labelled by the contents, appropriately EG; Paper Clips, Pens, Cotton Balls...
DIY Craft  Clay PEN Pots

I'm a stickler for a nice pen.. so I chose to use gel pens in my pots. Preferably the pen will have a removable plug in the end so that the end point of the flower can be inserted directly into the end of the pen, once the little plug has been removed. The flower is then secured in the end with a spot of glue.. use caution if you are using hot glue as too much can melt or damage the end of the pen cartridge. 
Insert flower into Pen end

   The flower that you choose can be as Seasonal as you need.
I've used Poinsettia for Christmas Gifting and Mums for Mothers Day Pots . See more HERE
Florist tape is then used to wrap the pen. It can be purchased directly from your local Florist for as little as a dollar or two a roll. Start at the top by making several wraps around the base of the flower and start moving down while wrapping the tape tightly. Don't wrap below where the pen starts to taper. I usually wrap all the way down and then back up once before wrapping a final layer time when inserting any greenery.

                 To add leaves simply place the stem of the leaf against the pen and while holding in place,
wrap with the floral tape.On the final wrap back up go around the leaf end the opposite to what you did on the wrap down. You have to move the leaf slightly out of the way to get around it.
Add floral tape
 The pen is now ready to be inserted into your almost finished pen pot.
Add about 1 1/2 cups of rice to your pot and top with a layer of colored rock bits, coffee beans, glass beads...(optional) but very effective.
Wrap the Pen Pot in a cellophane package, tie with a bow and Gift away.
For ease of transportation I put the rice in a baggie before wrapping the package in cellophane. The recipient can then pour the rice directly into the Pen Pot once it has safely arrived at  it's destination.
I also planted one of my Hand Painted rock bugs in the Pot and every once in awhile the bug will work his way to the surface! See BUGS HERE
DIY Teacher Gift

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