Feb 7, 2014

Paper Heart Craft

Lillian the Domestic Engineer
 Happy Valentines Day
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Paper Hearts
Paper Heart Craft
  I used Foam Core for the base of my Heart Craft.
I cut 3 Heart shapes exactly the size I desired for the finished product and set them aside.
 I then rolled up a 6x9 inch sheet of pink and of purple paper (starting with the long side closest to me)  and finally snipped the roll into bits. 

 The paper roll bits are then glued onto the shapes that I cut from the sheet of Foam Core, bought at the Dollar Store. I apply white glue to the foam core shape and then apply the paper rolls by holding them in place for a bit. Tacky white glue lends itself well to this project because it is a bit thicker and quicker drying.

 The bit rolls of paper do spring open but can be rolled and held until setting it into place on the glued surface. Fill the entire surface area.  
Use any variable of paper colors or patterns. I liked the simple heart shape and the simplicity of the pink and purple. 

Once the shapes are filled I individually finished each by gluing ribbon, the same width as the foam core itself around the edge of each shape, before attaching them to the hanger.
 I used the same gold ribbon for the bows (made separately and glued in place afterwards) and the hanger itself. 

 I then glued the completed shapes to the gold ribbon that I had lay out on a flat surface.
 (Don't forget to create a  loop at the top before looping the ribbon back to the top of the first heart where it is glued in place.
This creates a hook for hanging your project.
Crafting Paper Hearts

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