Feb 14, 2014

The Label that rivals no other!

 Lillian the Domestic Engineer
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The Label that rivals no other!
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  Tis from the moment the stork drops the bundle on our doorstep that the time clock starts. You do not have to check in to this job because you will never check out. Time on the clock now counts the time between the last feed and the time left to clean up the mess in their bed. 
It no longer tics to gather the hours accumulated from one pay period to the next.
There will be plenty of overtime, crying time, trying times and blow your minds but never mind Mama- your outlook is all a matter of mind. If you don't mind it doesn't matter that your soiled shirt is on inside out or that the designer label that isn't on your pants, is not what it's about.
It won't matter that you forgot to brush your teeth today or have yet to pick the crap up off the floor from yesterday, your kids do not judge you the way the world can do.
 They instead will be looking up to you with eyes open wide..
Ready, set, go Mom straight to realize 
that you will be the subject that they idolize.
 Even you will amaze yourself with the things that you can do.. 

 The MOTHER LOAD.  Pay dirt becomes finding a dinky toy buried in the pot of an inside tree
..I could dig that the boys had discovered play dirt, a parent ly the new insider trading commodity but I would rather they went outside with their mini shovels and quit taxing me! 
Although taxing my patience is trying indeed it is preferably to taxing the dollars out of me. 
Write offs are the new reality. Lost and gone become the things that you finally find "finished" between the car seats while searching for your license and a snack to eat! They are no longer the bad deal you suffered or the needed tax receipt, write offs become  a life lesson to beat!

Workers Compensation now provides relief for aches and kitchen injuries
 by suggesting that perhaps someone could cook for you.. Dr's note may be required for proof of the lame and the help is only offered on Saturday night for a short time between hockey games..

I was not as sick as I thought I was when I'm sure I heard the Dr. say,  
Go on home, put your feet up and get some rest today, you will recover from this loss  when you accept that lack of pay is not contagious!

Get up, get at it, get to it Girl , there is not another applicant in the world who can check in and do all it is you have to do. The position has been created, now you make the rules..

 Mom Rules!  Up until 8 or 9 years of age rules will be regarded and respected as law and if successful will take on new meaning at 17 and 18. "Mom Rules" will become a term of endearment enforced by the respect and dignity of family and void of outside intervention from the Law Society!
    I will set boundaries and make family rules.  I will do my best to find bugs cool. I will wipe noses and clean toilet bowls, while washing pukey laundry after first sewing up the holes. I will give up my privacy in the name of a growing humanity but will hang onto my right to laugh in the name of my sanity.  I will conquer as I cry while asking myself why... almost as many times as my (4x's) 2 year olds combined. I don't lie.

Time waits for no one, not even me.
  I have labored as a Domestic Engineer for 23 years....now passing the half century marker of my immortality. I have lived as I have learned that at the end of each day, my children are the meaning of my knights and my daze.
The days of the lives that have been- have been great to me
" Ain't it great to a celebrity, this life is right for me."   

 A Queen in the Kingdom of testosterone city humbled by the pee that continues to dribble onto the royal throne!
I couldn't be any prouder of the young men that my children have grown to be, seriously!
The only hurdle I now see ahead is the right to retire before I am dead...
I gave up the right to pay taxes for the right to stay at home and reserved the right to laugh on the holiday "they" now claim that I've been on!  
Man alive..Freedom 55?

 I now potentially stand at the door of Grand Parenting reflecting on a long holiday taken to places I never went....
Laying on the beach in my head, contemplating strange statements said while trying to justify where my energy was spent. 

Filled with the grandeur of yester-years, I smile out loud as I laugh to myself while wiping up my tear.
All along the way for heavens sakes, I have been right here...
 Mothering at the career of my choice a Domestic Engineer. 

I Trade in "stakes" that should not be burned. Rarely but occasional we must return across the bridges we have built, to revisit life lessons not yet learned. Crafted of love and compassion and constructed with tools of the trade,  if we can cross those bridges again what a life we have built and made!

Thanks Moms everywhere for all that you do, 
life wouldn't be the same without you !

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