Feb 7, 2014

Happy Valentines Day

 Lillian the Domestic Engineer

 Happy Valentines Day 

Eat your Heart out!

A delicious, no calorie, Valentine Cupcake!

Valentine Day Cupcake Craft

You don't have to be a baker 
to craft these cute
Valentine  Cupcakes.
in fact you don't have to be even remotely close to an oven to make them but you will be required to do a little bit of mixing. 
The base of these cupcakes are made with 
Plaster of Paris. 
Using an old pail or bowl you no longer want and a paint stick mix up the Plaster according to the package.
Pour into muffin tins which have been lined with papers and insert the plastic fork into the cupcake before the plaster hardens.
 Leave to dry for several hours.

The plaster cupcakes are then removed from the tins and glued onto a paper plate. 
The dollar store has a great selection of both paper plates and cupcake papers in every size and color imaginable! 

The icing on the cupcake is made using tissue paper. Roll 2 sheets of Tissue Paper, starting with the long side facing you, into a log. Take the ends of the log, one in each hand and gently twist the paper into a wavy log.
Hot glue one end of the tissue paper log onto the cupcake at the base of the fork and begin to wrap and twist the tissue log up and around the fork itself (creating the icing height) Each wrap can be dabbed with hot glue to ensure the icing stays built up and not falling over. Don't push down while you are wrapping.
Secure the other end by tucking it into a layer of the icing and gluing.
Optional. I sprayed the finished icing mounds with either a clear acrylic spray or a spray glue with sparkles. It added a wonderful shine and a bit of stability to the icing mound.
This was another project that lent itself well to Kid Crafting.

A prepared cupcake, complete with the fork was provided to each student along with the glitter, the stickers and the red paper to glue on the pre-printed saying which read  
 You are like the icing on my cake, you make my day sweeter.

 This Crafter was liberal with the Heart Stickers and the Glitter.

I am ever inspired by the originality of the individuality of each piece created.
 The CLASS Creations

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