Feb 10, 2014

Panel Denim and Tie Skirts

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Blue Jean Skirt. 
Denim Skirt

 Cut off the legs. 
 Leave enough length in the short to allow for the seam allowance.
 Cut each leg panel in half and then into quarter strips.
 Cut off at the top of leg panel to the desired length. The hem that exists on the leg panels will act as the finished hem on the skirt.
Denim Panels for Jean skirt
  I flipped two sections of the denim leg panels and sewed them 
into the skirt wrong sides out.
  I liked the variance of color and the improved effect it created in the overall design.
 The two tones of blue in the panels nicely complimented and then accommodated this spectacular tie.
 I love the iridescence in the tie. As you walk in the skirt the tie shifts from a purple iridescence to a yellow golden iridescent hue.
           The Tie was cut and top stitched onto the denim after the leg panels had been sewed together and before the skirt was stitched to the shorts.

Blue Jean Skirt

                                                        The finished Skirt.
                         After sewing together the denim leg panels and sewing on the three tie sections, I then top-stitched each seam in a yellow denim thread.
                              I was pretty happy with this skirt. 
                                           It is so soft!
 Blue Jean Skirt @Lillian the Domestic Engineer

             This Skirt below was a work 
                                    and then a re-work. 
I had originally sewn only the black rayon skirt onto the shorts. 
I hand stitched a black pig skin suede band around the hips and over the seam before finally deciding that I didn't like it at all.

The second time rework was a third time design for this  
   Renewed Blue Jean Skirt. It is finally a keeper.

MORE Blue Jean Skirt 

I added in the denim panels at the front and back. 
I used the heavy seam strips I had cut from the bottom of the legs and the side seams of the jeans to sew down the between the denim and the rayon panels at front and back of skirt as well as across the hip seam..

    As a rule I try to use the bottom hem of the original garments whenever possible.


SEW, what are you waiting for?

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 Fun With Fundraising
Have you Volunteered your TIME lately?
I'm off to Volunteer at a Bingo Hall in support of the local Skating Club today. Although I don't have Children in the Club, I know it takes a Village to raise a Child!
My neighbors asked me if I could step up to help out for the day.
 Seems a lot of the group has gone away and if they don't send 14 people to work the Bingo today
 the Group will lose their Placement and their Profits..
A single Bingo can provide up to of 800.00 for the group.
With more time than money and with a good understanding of the need,
 I will take my place at the Bingo Hall Today.

It is easier to find Men who will Volunteer to die, 
than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.
                                             -Julius Ceasar

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