Jan 7, 2014

Christmas Tree Ornaments

                   The Ornaments that memories are made of..
                                              It is -38 degrees below outside this morning.
                                          The high for the day is expected to climb to the low -20's!
                   Increasing winds late in the day promise to add to an already chilly evening, 
                 a wind chill, factoring temperatures to feeling like 48 below..
                                        I think I'll spend the day inside today
Christmas Tree Ornaments
                          Hand made Christmas Ornaments

Tis Monday morning. The house is quiet, everyone has gone back to work or school.
I am left alone with my thoughts and with the task of packing up the past and getting on with planning the future.
 I reflect upon how busy the season has been.
 After pouring my Java I sit down beside the Christmas Tree that I first plugged  in when I awoke.
I love the glitter of the lighted season!
 As I sat gawking at the flashing tree, in the quiet contemplation of another passing year,
I found myself overcome by the emotions of memories and by the pure splendor of my Christmas Tree!
The sight made me weep...

 I indulged myself in moments of memory...

Every year now for over 20 years my Mom has created a handmade Christmas Tree Ornament for each of my four Sons.

That's a lot of handmade ornaments!

Handmade Christmas Tree Ornament

Best Craft Blog- Tree Ornament

Christmas Tree Ornament.
A Light bulb Moment. More Tree Ornaments HERE

Light Bulb Tree Ornament

For two years
in a row
  the annual acquisition of
Grandma made
 Christmas Tree Ornaments
were made from light bulbs.

My Mom is truly a master at her craft.

There are a lot of memories hanging in the tree!

 Every year at Christmas time, for many years, each of my four Sons have also made and brought home  a treasured tree ornament.
My favorite is the classic toilet roll fashioned into an ornament by gluing a school pic to one side and attaching a string at the top.
I also love the puzzle pieces all glued together lovingly, forming a frame around each little face, all hanging proudly on our tree, in it's annual place...and then there's the string that was placed into sugar water and left to form crystals that would grow on the string, creating a snowflake like ornament that would continue to shine, year after year... the sparkle I must say has turned to a rather brownish grey.

I refill my coffee cup and blow my nose.
It's now 9:00 am. in the world of this Domestic Engineer.
The world is awake and reality will soon call.
 The cat's down the hall bawling that he can't make his way out
and the morning rush has no doubt left the human facility in dire need of a flush out!

The bathrooms are a mess and the floors are too, the fridge needs a dunging out so today I'll make stew....
I need to book an MRI and an appointment to extract wisdom teeth, I need to submit my paper work for last years tax receipts.. I should re organize the storage of my seasonal trunks but find I need to dispose first... of all this other junk. I could use a dunging out and a washing up too, in fact it should probably be the next thing I do.

Time waits for no one. 

As I finally finish packing Christmas carefully away I smiled to myself.
It is within the moments of our days that the memories of our lives are created
and the joy of  re experiencing the memory is found in the presence of time made.

Twas without guilt that I savored the time I took to enjoy.

Angel Ornament

The face of an Angel
Handmade tree ornaments

              Frosty and Friends
Lillian the Domestic Engineer -Tree Ornament

Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Angels are present..
Angel Ornament

and Pooh is too 

Rudolph's' are rampant
Lillian the Domestic Engineer.blogspot.ca
Rudolph Tree Ornament
Christmas Tree Ornaments

and Balls are too

 Lillian the Domestic Engineer

                                                  Happy New Year
                     May your coming year be filled with precious memories

Christmas Tree Decoration

Christmas Ornaments

Lillian the Domestic Engineer - Best craft blog

                       more Originality here

Christmas Tree Ornaments

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