Jan 7, 2014

A Stitch in Time

 Aren't these precious!

I found this lovely little collection of Hand Made Felt Ornaments all together in a freezer bag, at a garage sale many years ago.

Somebody, somewhere, put a lot of love and an awful lot of time into the making of them.They are meticulously made. The simplicity in the designs are exquisite!!.
 Don't you wish they could talk,
 revealing the story behind their very creation and their colorful existence?

Felt Applique Owl Ornament

                                         The Felt Horse
Lillian the Domestic Engineer Blogspot.ca

                                                             Frosty is fine
                                                           but does require a stitch in time.
                                                   The gold loop has hung for the last time.
                                          A quick stitch will mend this wonderful Frosty Ornament of mine...

                                                              More Ornaments HERE

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