Jan 13, 2014

A Lightbulb Moment

Put on a Happy Face!

These Hand Painted
 Light Bulb
 are truly one of a kind!

Each year,
for two years
in a row
our familys annual acquisition of

 Hand Made Christmas Tree Ornaments,

were made from light bulbs and lovingly created by Grandma!

A Bright idea

Christmas Ornaments

Light Bulb Tree Ornament
Hand Painted 
Light Bulb
Christmas Tree

are priceless to me.
 Grandma made and impossible to replace!

The faces are painted in Acrylic paint onto a regular light bulb to which a primer coat of white Acrylic paint has first been applied and set to dry.
 Once the face painting is completed it is sprayed lightly with an acrylic sealer which gives the finished bulb the shiny finish as well as giving a little boost to the bulbs overall durability.
I must say however that I don't find the Light Bulb Ornaments to be any more breakable than any other glass tree ornament.

                                  Holy Cow, how lucky we are!

Lillian the Domestic Engineer Blogspot.ca
The hats were purchased at the dollar store and the hair and other embellishments are gathered through out the year. Be creative! Hot glue is used to attach the hair, the hats and the hanging cord or ribbon to the light bulb.

Light Bulb Christmas Ornament

Hand Painted Light bulb

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