Dec 3, 2013

Second hand, second time around

 I recently found these vine hangers
 (I'm guessing)
 at our local second hand store.

 The romantic,Victorian look to these simple but sturdy frames, 
    complete with free formed metal flowers and leaves 
    with an over coat of antique white paint intrigued me!
    For a grand investment of $7.00 I had to take them home.

Jewelry Hanger
 When I got them home I set them on the ground against the wall to ponder their purpose. 

All that glitters is just gorgeous to me! I was giddy. The frame was perfect to be used as a Hanger for my collection of shiny things.

                                           Twice as nice the second time around!

                                         The earrings are hung on the frame with care..

Lillian the Domestic

Jewel display

                              Frame Jewelry display HERE


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