Nov 10, 2013

Up Cycled Neck Ties

Lillian the Domestic

  Tie one On!

A pleasure to wear. 
A sight to see. 
A fun, rather curious piece.

See more tie bead neck pieces below.




This TIE is a Yoke!

Up Cycled neck Tie

 Neck Yoke **  New York
 Simple buttons and precise folds 
help to create this neck yoke.

The Neck Yokes are all fastened together
 at the side with Velcro.

 This Classic but Chic 100% silk tie choice
 feels inspirational.
The beautiful antique buttons become more apparent
 upon a second glance. 

I was excited to find this silk tie.
I really like the colors.

I purchased the beaded fringe at Fabricland and hand stitched it onto the piece.

Lillian the Domestic

Neck Tie Necklace

The neck tie is first stitched together with wrong sides together at the back back seam.
After turning the tie to right sides out 
the small plastic and larger wooden beads have been stuffed into the tie tube and individually stitched between to separate and define each bead.

Upcycled Neck Tie
 The silver thread is wound around and in between each bead.

 The black, wispy bits were created by the fringed effect of ball of wool. It has was wrapped several times around and between each bead.

Up cycled neck tie

This necklace is wrapped with cotton embroidery thread between the beads.
A metal chain clasp and chain are at back.

 Upcycled neck ties
The metallic dangle was added to compliment the small brass rings
that I placed between each bead.

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