Nov 19, 2013

The World is a Stage

The World is a Stage
Lillian the Domestic Engineer

Facing Fashion. Head on!
Getting comfortable in the skin your in.
 Putting it on.
 Observe and speculate, smile and celebrate. 
 Doubt, in any fashion doesn't flatter.
Dress it up, dress it down but always put your head on, right way round. 

The fabric of our lives is woven by the very minds,
that bring us the Threads, of the fashion in time.

Does the Hat fit?
According to whom? 

There were many times I would arrive somewhere just in time
 to find myself wanting to go home to change both my clothing and my frame of mind.
I wasn't  fitting in any better than the clothing was fitting me!
 I was really confused!!

Was I the clothing or was the clothing me?

Of course I wanted to fit in but I also wanted to stand out.
However, I didn't want to stand alone in the face of fitting in.
 How to stand out while fitting in?

Can you buy Confidence?

The Fabric of our Lives
 There in lay the confusion.
 I often didn't know if the uncomfortable awkwardness I felt was as a result of having arrived at my destination feeling inappropriately dressed or feeling as though I were dressed in the costume of a character that I suddenly did not know.
 In the comforts of my home alone with the confidence of self, the reflection I saw in my mirror was sure of herself. Amid the noise and confusion of social situations, my reflection became as warped as my imagination.

  When we look at one another do we really see, beyond the costumes of a staged reality? 
Do the shoes fit, the coat count or the hat really matter if the heart bleeds, the eyes be deceived and the spirit be battered? Not as long as love is near.
 Twas many years ago as a young teenager that a stranger who dared to share herself, restored my shattered image of self by offering a new reality.  My life as I see it, according to me.

Prior to stepping out with my girlfriend for the evening that night, I had spent most of the day anxiously trying to anticipate the unfolding events of the evening. Who was going? What would they wear? What should I wear? Would I stick out? Would I fit in? Should I even go out?

  I had finally decided to go and to wear my favorite faded Lee Jeans. They always made me feel like me? 
I added a pilgrim type blouse, that was too big for me and pulled on the (too big) mens suit jacket that I
had purchased earlier that day.  I felt like a million dollars walking out my door.

All was well until I arrived for the night. Situation met my imagination and my confidence turned to fright.
 As the evening progressed and the people danced, I doubted my decisions upon a second glance...
I had arrived just in time. I wanted to go home to change my clothing and my state of mind.

As I sat down at the table in the crowded room, feeling uncomfortable and awful alone
a stranger approached from across the room. As she approached she asked me. 
"Can I talk to you?"
 Before I answer she freely offered to me
 "I noticed you from the other side of the room and I had to come over and tell you what a great feeling I get from you. You're a wonderful person and you will have a wonderful life" she continued as she sat down next to me.
I smiled at her as the tears welled in me.
 I managed as she moved closer and hugged me. 
As quickly as she had appeared she had disappeared into the crowded room. 
I removed myself from the grandeur of the party to the safety and silence in the ladies room.

The reflection of self smiled back at me. I am neither the clothing, nor the clothing me but rather the threads of  my life, as it be. 
Will I allow the fabrics of fashion shatter me?  Will I let the warped reflection of self be the image others see of me?

 It took until well into my 30's to be comfortable in the skin I was in 
 and finally into my 40's in the clothing that I put it in. 
I had finally learned to put on my self confidence before donning anything else!

              We do not wish to be judged- lest we judge else.
                                            Live and let live is a peaceful place to be!

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