Nov 23, 2013

The Art of Fundraising

The Art of Fundraising
Money does have a smell (in spite of the fact it doesn't grow on trees!)
Consider a Custom Made COOKBOOK for your next Fundraiser.
The wonderful smells of our PTA Cookbook
 wafted through the school classrooms long before publication. 
We ran a Spring Contest within the School to gather our Recipes.

Each class was invited to Submit their favorite recipe on a form we had Pre Printed. 
TIP! Next time they would be required to TYPE their submissions 
Many hours of the organizing were spent on attempting to first decipher and then legibly rewrite
a portion of the handwritten Recipes we did receive.
The classroom that submitted the most Recipes was rewarded with a Pizza Party.
We got 186 recipes from the Grade 12 Chem. class alone!
The kids were all thrilled to add their names to the book. It would become a keepsake of their graduating class of recipes.
In the layout of the page we had been able to add beautiful quotes and sayings to each page (Optional)

After finally sorting the Recipes into Categories with Titles and Title Pages
(from the Templates that are offered) 
We put everything into an Envelope and mailed it off to Rasmussen.
 We placed our order at the end of the School Year
 (increasing our Profits by another 3 or 5% by capitalizing on their discount to order in July)
 The Cookbooks arrived  via Courier, nicely packed into boxes
 three weeks later.
In the Meantime..
I went to work printing up labels and Posters. 
The Posters were plastered wherever people would let us put them up and the labels were glued onto lidded cans bought at the Dollar Store.
They were Dora the Explorer cans as it were with sealed lids on top and bottom. (like a juice can)
I cut a money slot  into the top lid of each can and glued on our Cook book labels. They worked perfectly. 
Cook Books and a cans were delivered to Retail outlets in our little Town.  
Purchasers could put the 7.00 in the can and take their Cook Book
without too much bother to the Retailer. 
We were not required to pay for the prime spot on their counters. 
Weekly someone went back to collect the can of money and replace the can with another. It was also ensured that they didn't run out of Cookbooks to sell

In less than three weeks we had sold ALL 500 Cookbooks printed!
 At a cost of $3.50 each and a selling price of $7.00 per Cookbook we doubled our money!
It was a much easier Sell than chocolates or coupon books. 
Naturally everyone who had contributed to the Cook Book 
wanted a copy for themselves..and a copy for their Mothers too! 

Gateway Rasmussen Click Here for Details 
about publishing your own fundraising Cookbook.

More Fundraising HERE 

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