Nov 25, 2013

Great Balls of Polymer Clay

Lillian The Domestic Engineer
Great Balls of Clay

Polymer Key Chain
Need a Workout Today?

Polymer Clay is an affordable, versatile, therapeutic , enjoyable therapy as well as good exercise to original Art.

All the pieces you create
 are baked to a hardened finish in your own oven. 
 Available in a multitude of colors and 
with many effective finishes
 the possibilities of play with this clay are limitless!
Create your own earrings, key canes, buttons, drawer handles, zipper pulls...
light switch plates, candle accessories, coordinated jewelry, earrings and pins, finger nail finishes, still life statues, ornaments and SO MUCH MORE!...

Lillian the Domestic

Polymer Earrings DIY

  Get a book and a few blocks of clay today!

A wonderful medium for kids of all ages.
 Polymer Clay is a gift that Inspires the Imagination.

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