Nov 30, 2013

From Out Dated to Up Dated

 Second Hand Shopper

I prefer Bag Fridays over Black Fridays....
Filling a bag for $2.00 is ample excitement for me!!

  The thrill of finding a treasure in the corner of a little second hand store is as much a part of me as getting a steal of a deal on a family pack at the grocery store.

I thrive on the excitement of uncovering the unknown and feast on the opportunities that challenge me!

With the second hand store almost next door to the grocery store that I shop at, a pop in just to see has become some what of a tradition for me.

Conveniently, my shopping day is on Thursday which also happens to be Fill a bag for $2.00 day at the second hand store.
 I wait in no line there to pay for the purchase of the day and my fellow shoppers have a care and the time to say,
"Did you see this, it might fit you and it's only a dollar today" !

 The ladies and gentlemen, the volunteers at the store are a joy to know and a pleasure to visit with. The money I spend in town  works locally at growing the community and the possibility of finding treasures within continue to ignite me.
What is there not to love about second hand shopping?

I knew when I found this cute summer tank that I would never wear it (as a shirt) but felt that I could certainly find a clever use for the beaded band that adorned the front of the shirt. I had to have it
 in the bag!

 The REDO 
I carefully removed the beaded trim from the shirt and cut the shoulder straps off.  I then folded the shirt up from the bottom and down a couple of inches at the top to create the flap. The top and the sides are then stitched together. A perfect fit! 
I hand stitched the beaded trim onto the front flap and stitched the black beaded trim (leftovers) to the bottom of the bag
The black cotton layer inside the shirt is also stitched right sides together becoming the liner in the cute (beach?) bag itself. 
 I have now created the need for a handle on my bag! I will add its presence to the back of my mind as another treasure to be found. 

Lillian the Domestic Engineer
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