Nov 25, 2013

DIY Jewelry

Adorn yourself with Art you make!



These pins are nice worn
on the lapel of a coat or the turtle neck of a heavy Sweater.
The pins are too heavy to be pinned to a lightweight fabric.

Proper Placement of the pins on the back is important to ensure that the Brooch will hang properly.

upcycle jewelry

 I used a mini picture frame for the base and beginning of this Coat Pin.
The rectangle is cut from leather that I had sprayed with a light mist of silver spray paint. 
 I don't think a shimmer or shine to anything is ever a bad thing, LOL
The bead was up cycled from a broken brooch.
 The black and silver wire worms are a coated craft wire. 
Both are glued onto the square 
made with fun plastic.
All layers are tipped together with epoxy glue.

I finish each pin on the back by covering with felt, cork sheet, leather, or heavy paper cut to size. 
 Finally glue on the brooch pin. 
Remember to think out the placement of the brooch pin before gluing. 
You don't want the pin to pull on the garment so you don't want the pin too low on the brooch back.


There is no right 
and no wrong way 
to originality.

I have crafted beads from colored wire found on the ground
and incorporated broken bits of jewelry found
into pieces I've created, sold and even proudly worn. 
I've discovered hearts of glass and branches of love
all in the universe where I trod.

Lillian the Domestic
 Who makes some of the rules 
we attempt to follow in the process of discovering originality anyways?
Take the road less travelled.

DIYJewelry crafting

The Coat Pin also started on a mini frame.

The wire mesh was removed from a broken brooch and glued with Epoxy to the frame. 
The Copper and Brass piece was once an earring.
The chain was once the weakest link in a necklace that has now becomes an integral part of this coat pin.
The brass coil was scavenged from the floor of a machine shop.

craft jewelry
Angels are made
I had this wonderful glass face button that became the inspiration for my Angels face.
Her Halo was created with a broken earring of the perfect size.
A cute brass button was attached with Epoxy to become her bow tie and several sections from a pair of earrings serve as her shimmering wings.
Her body is made from the bug wings of a broken brooch.
The Dove at her side is a single link from an old bracelet. She too has been mounted on a mini frame from the dollar store.
Fabric paint adds sparkle to frame of the angel.

Craft Blog
When Dragons Fly
This pieces was the result of a compilation of things that came together over the course of several days.
The base of the brooch is a piece of leather that has been synced together at the bottom and tied with a waxed thread.
I then trimmed the top edges of the leather with a melted strip of Fun Plastic.
 Thin strips of the plastic are melted by dipping into boiling water and then manipulated  onto and around the leather edges. The plastic hardens as it is cooled. 
The center of the brooch was also created with Fun Plastic. 
A full strip of plastic was melted and molded into the folds
that the broken earring piece and the broken dragon are placed into. 
The silver fan, also a broken earring completed the compilation.

 Polymer Pendants

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