Nov 25, 2013

Polymer Pendants

                  Polymer Clay and Rubber Stamps
Lillian the domestic
Really effective results can be obtained by pressing your favorite rubber stamp (or portion thereof) into Polymer Clay. 

Acrylic paint can be worked into the grooves of the rubber stamped
polymer with a dry brush, giving an added depth to the finished piece.
 With a dry cloth gently wipe any excess paint off the top surface of the piece before baking.
Don't forget to put a hole in your Art so it can be hung around your neck.
The Giraffe impression above was married with hand formed, rubber stamped, copper colored beads, bits of copper wire and a frame of black Polymer Clay.
Try an impression of your own.

I have quite a collection of Rubber Stamps that I've gathered and collected from here, there and everywhere over many years.
 When my Boys were younger the box of Rubber Stamps was always a quick, creative fix to the clamorings coming from the other room,
"Mom, I'm bored"
The wonderful results of having sought to beat boredom with a box, a sheet of paper and a few crayons have been proudly displayed on my fridge over the years.
My boys spent many an hour in the depths of the creative process of stamping and coloring,
meandering happily along the path of self discovery, lost deep in their imagination.
Polymer Pendants

 After the boys interest had waned I carted the box off to the Library where many a child spent many an hour 
doing as my Sons had done before them
 stamping their hearts out. 
There is great depth to the art of Rubber Stamping.

Play with your Imagination today.

Make your own rubber stamped, polymer clay beads.
More Polymer Play HERE 

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