Nov 30, 2013

From Out Dated to Up Dated

 Second Hand Shopper

I prefer Bag Fridays over Black Fridays....
Filling a bag for $2.00 is ample excitement for me!!

  The thrill of finding a treasure in the corner of a little second hand store is as much a part of me as getting a steal of a deal on a family pack at the grocery store.

I thrive on the excitement of uncovering the unknown and feast on the opportunities that challenge me!

With the second hand store almost next door to the grocery store that I shop at, a pop in just to see has become some what of a tradition for me.

Conveniently, my shopping day is on Thursday which also happens to be Fill a bag for $2.00 day at the second hand store.
 I wait in no line there to pay for the purchase of the day and my fellow shoppers have a care and the time to say,
"Did you see this, it might fit you and it's only a dollar today" !

 The ladies and gentlemen, the volunteers at the store are a joy to know and a pleasure to visit with. The money I spend in town  works locally at growing the community and the possibility of finding treasures within continue to ignite me.
What is there not to love about second hand shopping?

I knew when I found this cute summer tank that I would never wear it (as a shirt) but felt that I could certainly find a clever use for the beaded band that adorned the front of the shirt. I had to have it
 in the bag!

 The REDO 
I carefully removed the beaded trim from the shirt and cut the shoulder straps off.  I then folded the shirt up from the bottom and down a couple of inches at the top to create the flap. The top and the sides are then stitched together. A perfect fit! 
I hand stitched the beaded trim onto the front flap and stitched the black beaded trim (leftovers) to the bottom of the bag
The black cotton layer inside the shirt is also stitched right sides together becoming the liner in the cute (beach?) bag itself. 
 I have now created the need for a handle on my bag! I will add its presence to the back of my mind as another treasure to be found. 

Lillian the Domestic Engineer
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Nov 25, 2013

Look what you can make from toilet rolls

 You'll never see an empty toilet tissue roll the same way again
These Marvelous Marionettes 
are just one of a multitude of magical things that
you can make with empty toilet rolls.

Toilet Roll Crafts

Toilet roll craft

These Marionettes were created using empty toilet paper rolls, acrylic paint, fish line, feathers, black wool and a little extra patience.

 They evolved over the duration of a day into these two little characters that danced and dangled their way into the hearts of many! 

 Detailed instructions for constructing the Marionettes can be found in a wonderful Book I discovered at our local Library.

 Look what you can make from hundreds of household items.  

Originally published in 1998. Dewey #745.54

Check it out today.
Speaking of Libraries...
The TD Summer Reading Program

brings libraries across the country abuzz with activity.
Click the link above for more info.
Check with your local library about enrolling your kids today.
It's fun and it's free.

This book is filled with clever and ingenious uses for Boxes, Paper Bags, Tubes, Paper Plates, Egg Cartons, Craft Sticks, Newspapers and Magazines and finally Plastic Bottles and Tubs.
Check for it at your local Library today.

Toilet Roll Crafts

..more at the end of the roll

How totally terrific and wonderfully appealing

Not to mention Ingenious. 

This is the awesome effect of placing slices of empty toilet tube rolls into a pleasing shape on the wall!
These flowers are a simple sample.
Elaborate patterns can be created by increasing the number of flowers used.

I also created individual flowers from toilet rolls that I spray painted silver, strung on fish line and hung from the ceiling. 
They all dangled delightfully!

 I hung a total of about 40 flowers from the ceiling. 
They really were beautiful in all of their simplicity. 
I'm sorry I did not capturing a photographic memory to share with you here. They were used in a public display that has long since gone away.

I used one toilet roll slice for a center circle and then with a tip of glue, attached the petal slices all the way around the outside, pinching them gently in place so as to create the oval effect of the petals. 
Make sure to cut the slices all approximately the same width.
The flowers could also be spray painted prior to hanging,
 matching them to your color scheme.

Craft On! More HERE

Paper Mache The Super Bowl

               Paper Mache'
Paper Mache Bowl
NEED: Newspaper strips, magazine strip pics and words, Paste, Paint, Acrylic Spray...Imagination

The paste is made like you make gravy.
 Mix 3 parts water with 1 part flour. Shake content in a lidded container until smooth. 
Pour into pot on medium heat and stir continuously until mixture thickens to that of a yogurt like consistency. 
Remove from heat.
Pour into container and let cool. Mixture will thicken as it cools.
Not necessary to let it cool completely as the feel of  the warm paste in your hands is actually sort of soothing!

The bowl is formed by applying pasted paper strips directly onto the outside of an upside down, stainless steel bowl. 

I lightly oil the bowl to aide in removing the Paper Mache Bowl from the form once it has dried
 but you can also use several layers of cellophane wrap instead 
( make them slightly larger and longer than the bowl so the ends can be used as handles to aide in the removal of the bowl from form. )
 At least 10 layers of newspaper (applied over the course of 2 days) were layered on to create the bowl. 
I work in every and any direction with the paper strips but do take time to ensure that all edges and rims are smooth.
 I have used colored and printed word strips, cut from magazines as a final finish with wonderful results.
 Cut out words, quotes or sayings and simply paste them onto your project.

Lillian the Domestic
  The heart handles on the either side of the bowl were formed by bunching a sheet of newspaper into a ball
 and then applying pasted strips over the ball itself, using long strips to paste the ball onto the bowl.
 When wet enough with paste
, the paper can be molded into all kinds of shapes. I made the handles into heart shapes.
After drying for several days the bowl was then carefully removed from the bowl form and the edges were finished with several more strips of pasted paper to ensure a smooth finish and additional reinforcment around the rim. 
After drying for another day, I then applied an acrylic paint to decorate and finally sprayed the bowl with an acrylic spray.

 The bowl is very sturdy but should not be used to serve food.
 Do not submerged in water. 
 I created the bowl for my Niece and her Fiances/ Engagement party which was held on the same Sunday as the Super Bowl that year.

I aptly named the gift The Super Bowl.

 The bowl was stuffed with super things for self and home. 
A group of us individually purchased items for inclusion in the Super Bowl. 
We included love notes and little antidotes, football novelty items and crafty kitchen gadgets, we had candles and scents and chocolates and mints and a whole lot of love in that bowl. 

It was wrapped into a couple full sheet of clear cellophane, bunched at the top and tied with a huge bow.

We enjoyed the party in the garden and the great conversations that stemmed from each and every item they pulled from the basket...

 There is really something to be said for gifting from the heart.

Get your hands dirty all in the name of fun.

Visit my For the Love of Crafting Page for other inspirational ideas

Lillian the Domestic

Crafting the Hockey Hall of Fame

   CRAFTING The Hockey Hall of Fame
Where up-cycling boxes is the name of the game.
                                      Play Paper Mache'
Hockey Hall of Fame
 A fun, easy, functional, effective way to Reduce, Re-use, Recycle!

I made a Hockey Jockey Locker for each of my Sons. (Thankfully it doesn't smell the way that they can)
It featured their Jersey number and their Team Name and colors.
( The Hockey Lockers have been Loved and lugged around for many years as is evident by the wear marks around the perimeter.)
They were each created using a Muffin Box. (The 9 pack from Walmart)
 It's one of those strong, sturdy boxes that enters my domain
 destined for the garbage until it calls out my name... no  kidding!
 I attempt to resist the urge to persist....but the box wouldn't crumble.
Instead I wander it out to the garage to place it on the shelf  beside the bits of Styrofoam and other pieces of packaging that have deemed themselves all useful. I store it until I discover or uncover a use or need for it.
 DIY Paper Mache Instructions here

I started by applying Pasted Paper Strips directly onto the sturdy box form itself. After several layers of newspaper had been applied, I cut out and pasted on the words that are seen.  The Team Name at bottom is created from individual letters that were cut from the newspaper. The words at top were cut in whole from a Hockey Magazine.
After drying overnight I used Acrylic Paint to finish the inside of the Locker in a Team Color. I used a dry, fat brush to apply paint around the words that had been previously pasted on.

I crunched and folded together 2 full sheets to create the basic Jersey Shape. The Jersey arms were created by  loosely rolling 2 full sheets of newspaper up and then folding them in half.
(The ends of the roll become the ends of the sleeve) I pasted the arms to the body at the top and under the arm area. Several more layers of pasted paper were applied around the sleeve to finish the two ends as one sleeve and to add overall durability.
 I then painted the Jersey color, the white stripe, the Name and the Number in acrylic paint. For added pop I outlined in Black felt marker.
The Jersey is then hot glued to the inside of the locker.
 My kids used to hang any Team Metals they collected over the corner of their lockers.

Creating the real Jerseys for Play On Road Hockey HERE

Play On Road Hockey Tournament

Play On Road Hockey Tournament

This Tournament comes with the territory!

PLAY ON...Sons
Getting the team dressed
Sew it was that these jerseys were purchased ready made
for Hand Painting the Names but many a hand made marvels are mastered from the beginnings of good yardage!
With the choice of fabulous Fabrics at affordable prices and the easy availability of so many Patterns there are so many reasons to start.
A stitch in time saves 9!
From creating Christmas Ornaments to scaring up the latest in team fashion or Halloween Costuming..
 From setting the table with homemade napkins to trimming the Tree with a home made skirt, the joys of stitching is a hobby to be yearned.
SEW, what are you waiting for?
Clearance and Closeout Fabrics Something!

Free Shipping on orders $35+ Free Return Shipping!
Trailer Park Boys
Only from the Love of a Mother!
Play On Summer Road Hockey Tournament
I recently took on dressing the team
for the second annual 
Play On
Summer Road Hockey Tournament..

Trailer Park Boys
                                  were a huge hit!                              

Sunnyvale Jersey
 Needless to say the cost of which were awful hard to beat.
For the price of a Thank You Mom and a "SWEET"
 their request for Team Jerseys a week prior to Face Off got me out of my seat.
 I was happily and most certainly up to the challenge of a creative accomplishment, no matter my current list of things to do.  
 I find myself often looking for things to work at creatively. The monotony of the day to day drills of just living to eat and eating to spill can certainly be a  little uninspiring needless to say.
Frustrating and occasionally even depressing, if you will.
A creative accomplishment of whatever it may be, becomes a  physical, something to see. Something ventured, something gained! 
Each of the boys bought themselves a jersey and I hand painted lettering on the front and the back of at least 8 jerseys.
The second time round, I completed the addition of another 4 jerseys and another new/used helmet.
I masked off the parts I didn't want colored with tape and paper before spraying the blue spray paint.
After drying for 24 hours I masked off the blue areas and spray painted the white.
The helmet from last year which featured a 3 D cheese burger had mysteriously disappeared the year before!

                The Old+ the New 
Sunnyvale Cheese Burger Helmet


Great Balls of Polymer Clay

Lillian The Domestic Engineer
Great Balls of Clay

Polymer Key Chain
Need a Workout Today?

Polymer Clay is an affordable, versatile, therapeutic , enjoyable therapy as well as good exercise to original Art.

All the pieces you create
 are baked to a hardened finish in your own oven. 
 Available in a multitude of colors and 
with many effective finishes
 the possibilities of play with this clay are limitless!
Create your own earrings, key canes, buttons, drawer handles, zipper pulls...
light switch plates, candle accessories, coordinated jewelry, earrings and pins, finger nail finishes, still life statues, ornaments and SO MUCH MORE!...

Lillian the Domestic

Polymer Earrings DIY

  Get a book and a few blocks of clay today!

A wonderful medium for kids of all ages.
 Polymer Clay is a gift that Inspires the Imagination.

See More Polymer Pleasures

Polymer Pendants and Coat Pins HERE

Polymer Pendants

                  Polymer Clay and Rubber Stamps
Lillian the domestic
Really effective results can be obtained by pressing your favorite rubber stamp (or portion thereof) into Polymer Clay. 

Acrylic paint can be worked into the grooves of the rubber stamped
polymer with a dry brush, giving an added depth to the finished piece.
 With a dry cloth gently wipe any excess paint off the top surface of the piece before baking.
Don't forget to put a hole in your Art so it can be hung around your neck.
The Giraffe impression above was married with hand formed, rubber stamped, copper colored beads, bits of copper wire and a frame of black Polymer Clay.
Try an impression of your own.

I have quite a collection of Rubber Stamps that I've gathered and collected from here, there and everywhere over many years.
 When my Boys were younger the box of Rubber Stamps was always a quick, creative fix to the clamorings coming from the other room,
"Mom, I'm bored"
The wonderful results of having sought to beat boredom with a box, a sheet of paper and a few crayons have been proudly displayed on my fridge over the years.
My boys spent many an hour in the depths of the creative process of stamping and coloring,
meandering happily along the path of self discovery, lost deep in their imagination.
Polymer Pendants

 After the boys interest had waned I carted the box off to the Library where many a child spent many an hour 
doing as my Sons had done before them
 stamping their hearts out. 
There is great depth to the art of Rubber Stamping.

Play with your Imagination today.

Make your own rubber stamped, polymer clay beads.
More Polymer Play HERE 

DIY Jewelry

Adorn yourself with Art you make!



These pins are nice worn
on the lapel of a coat or the turtle neck of a heavy Sweater.
The pins are too heavy to be pinned to a lightweight fabric.

Proper Placement of the pins on the back is important to ensure that the Brooch will hang properly.

upcycle jewelry

 I used a mini picture frame for the base and beginning of this Coat Pin.
The rectangle is cut from leather that I had sprayed with a light mist of silver spray paint. 
 I don't think a shimmer or shine to anything is ever a bad thing, LOL
The bead was up cycled from a broken brooch.
 The black and silver wire worms are a coated craft wire. 
Both are glued onto the square 
made with fun plastic.
All layers are tipped together with epoxy glue.

I finish each pin on the back by covering with felt, cork sheet, leather, or heavy paper cut to size. 
 Finally glue on the brooch pin. 
Remember to think out the placement of the brooch pin before gluing. 
You don't want the pin to pull on the garment so you don't want the pin too low on the brooch back.


There is no right 
and no wrong way 
to originality.

I have crafted beads from colored wire found on the ground
and incorporated broken bits of jewelry found
into pieces I've created, sold and even proudly worn. 
I've discovered hearts of glass and branches of love
all in the universe where I trod.

Lillian the Domestic
 Who makes some of the rules 
we attempt to follow in the process of discovering originality anyways?
Take the road less travelled.

DIYJewelry crafting

The Coat Pin also started on a mini frame.

The wire mesh was removed from a broken brooch and glued with Epoxy to the frame. 
The Copper and Brass piece was once an earring.
The chain was once the weakest link in a necklace that has now becomes an integral part of this coat pin.
The brass coil was scavenged from the floor of a machine shop.

craft jewelry
Angels are made
I had this wonderful glass face button that became the inspiration for my Angels face.
Her Halo was created with a broken earring of the perfect size.
A cute brass button was attached with Epoxy to become her bow tie and several sections from a pair of earrings serve as her shimmering wings.
Her body is made from the bug wings of a broken brooch.
The Dove at her side is a single link from an old bracelet. She too has been mounted on a mini frame from the dollar store.
Fabric paint adds sparkle to frame of the angel.

Craft Blog
When Dragons Fly
This pieces was the result of a compilation of things that came together over the course of several days.
The base of the brooch is a piece of leather that has been synced together at the bottom and tied with a waxed thread.
I then trimmed the top edges of the leather with a melted strip of Fun Plastic.
 Thin strips of the plastic are melted by dipping into boiling water and then manipulated  onto and around the leather edges. The plastic hardens as it is cooled. 
The center of the brooch was also created with Fun Plastic. 
A full strip of plastic was melted and molded into the folds
that the broken earring piece and the broken dragon are placed into. 
The silver fan, also a broken earring completed the compilation.

 Polymer Pendants

Beads Away

Each unique in their own design BEADS can be rolled, twisted, mushed, and mastered out of almost anything. The satisfaction of then stringing the Beads into a work of Art to wear never goes out of style.

Magazine Beads
These beads are rolled from the colorful covers of  magazines. Check for magazines at your local Library. Our Library discards old magazines every couple of months which are Free for the taking from the table at the back.Don't overlook this wonderful offering and the opportunities it presents to recycle. 
While you're at the Library pick up your Free Library Card (if you don't already have one) and ask the Librarian for a book Titled 
The ultimate in the creative results of recycling.

If you have school aged Kids don't forget to ask the Librarian about programing that happens at your own Library
Every year Libraries across CANADA get on board 
in an effort to keep our youth actively involved (and even enjoying) reading throughout the summer.
Read More

 Magazine Beads Continued...To create the bead cut the paper into triangle shapes that are as wide at one end as your desired finished bead will be and taper it to a point at the other end. The strip should be about 5 inches long.
Brush glue onto one side of  the triangle and roll the paper onto itself starting at the widest end and moving up towards the point. Don't forget the hole in the bead. The hole can be accomplished by making the first wrap of paper hollow and then rolling up without squishing the center or wrapped around a fat knitting needle to shape before being removed and set over night to dry.
 The beads can be sprayed with an Acrylic Spray Sealant giving a shinier finish to your project. I've threaded my Magazine Beads onto Dental Floss each with a wooden bead between them.

     Dental Floss, who would have thought?
Twas many years ago on a trip home from a visit to the Dentist in the City that I first has occasion to utilized  Dental Floss as a creative tool.
After a long day of travel I was dangerously close to having used up all of the tricks in my bag designed to amuse, entertain and engage the bored youngsters on board. Managing to keep both the speed and my patience in check I pulled out the last 4 snacks in my bag. Cheerios to the rescue.
I then employed the oldest boy to cut off a piece of Dental Floss for each, long enough to create their own Candy Necklace.
My challenge was  "How many Cheerios will it take?"
They worked at counting, threading and nibbling all the way home.
The following day they all donned their creations for our walk, all proud of their production and the fact that they were each carrying their own Snack Pack! Even the floss was fun and functional before they were finished.
 Wired for FUN
Check out this great link for HOW TO 
 Martha Made Bread Beads HERE
I've also made beads with Dirt and Glue for Earth Day. The Earth and Glue are mixed together, formed and pressed into a tight ball. A darning needle s inserted through the center to create the hole and then set to dry. Once dried the Earth Balls can be painted and stung on dental floss or Bead String to wear.
  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     Polymer Beads

                <iframe src="" style="width:120px;height:240px;" scrolling="no" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" frameborder="0"></iframe>


A family is born

Lillian the Domestic Engineer
From Son up till Son down

In 1985 I was half my Mothers age.
In 2021 I will be twice the age of my first born.
In 2010 I was a half a century old!

In the beginning, as the story is told.. More HERE 

Nov 23, 2013

Boys are Beautiful

         Boys are Beautiful        Kid Concoctions Animated

Although I jumped into parenting head first (pardon the pun) with little insight, no manual, no training and no active pay, 
the fruits of my labor have survived to this day.

The amazement of growth in play
Blogs me today!

Look at what we've accomplished!
Look at what boys love to do! 


Keeping it step at a time!
One mans junk is any boys treasures.
Blessed with four Sons I've had so much to discover.

 Our kitchens are so entertaining that we should be charging admission just to get in!

 A kitchen is the hub of a house, it's where the pulse is as present as the hums and whirs, where plans are cooked up between the brews- of trouble and caffeine.  Tis' a safe place to share whines and other words
and a place where sense of life can and should be carefully stirred. A place where heart may be served
 warmly on a sleeve and is a natural source of nourishment for those in the need. The kitchen presents hidden treasures and smells to behold while crafting up memories that never grow old.

Celebrate your children in the kitchen today. Throw a counter top party and just play.

I understood that a willingness to be creative in the area of financial compromises would be a challenge but I never imagined how much fun it would be!
 23 years after we eliminated the option of a second full time income for the preference of being a stay at home Mom I can say,
 I am grateful for the memories of the moments in time that I have been afforded with the loves of my life.
There is nothing as valuable as owning the memories that I have shared in the kitchen with my kids.

Together we played at the Game of Life. We played math games with cupcakes and crafted Coliseums from sugar cubes. We made letters with salt dough and and baked hand formed Polymer dudes. We made music with pots and pans, beat on cups and bowls and cans. We baked cookies and kneaded "boy beaten" bread dough until finally hoping to form several loaves- for baking. We put food coloring into spray bottles and into the bath and painted acrylic paint on everything else. We cut up paper snowflakes and pasted pictures from magazines into manila scrapbooks-  now keepsakes of these years. Me made sandwiches we never ate and sold lemonade that wasn't great. We cut up lettuce for pets; Hamsters and a white Mouse too, as we learned about raising the Stick bugs that came home in grade two!  We kept caterpillars in milk jugs and made corn starch and mud sludge muffins for Dad that we all then pretended were the best we ever had!
 Look at all the things boys love to do!

My boys would would wander in and line up on the other side of the Kitchen island, standing together, each on his own chair in the dining area, wearing messy hair and PJ's and big smiles on their faces, happily declaring with great enthusiasm that they all wanted to help!
 I initially seized the innocence of the offerings with the naivety that a lack of parenting can precipitate.
 With no back up plan and too much rigidity, their emotions would get the best of me.
To exist is to educate.
 I quickly learned that plans will change and that I had better have something up my sleeve.

 "Mom he's touching my dough"
 "Mom tell him to let the hamster go"
 "Mom I can't finish this, I have to go!"
 "Mom, he's looking at me"

"Hmm, I see" I learned to reply to the commotion in motion, which in turn would buy me time to find or retrieve the Distraction tool I was going to need, Action Distraction

Distraction is a wonderful tool and can be effective if introduced in due time with honest interest and enthusiasm.
Once the dough has been thrown the appropriate plan may no longer be distraction but instead may require a physical reaction- removal of the reactor.. The calm in the eye of a storm is where survival skills are honed.

"Well look at this" I declared when I opened the junk drawer below me, located on my side of the kitchen island. Immediately I had the attention of 3 quiet, curious faces.
The dough dropped on the counter, the hamster ran for the cage, the third Son went to the bathroom and the youngest was pushing to see..

"OK guys, let's clean up this mess so we can sort out the drawer" and the chant quickly began

 "Clean up, clean up everybody everywhere. Clean up, clean up everybody do your share..."
 This catchy tune became a mantra of mine. Thanks Barney for the song that never leaves my mind...

  Habits are creations of consistency and are as necessary a life skill as reading the same favorite book, or watching the same movie over and over again.  A new perspective on attention to detail is delivered on every occasion to re visit.
 Timing is as important in the distraction delivery as the tone of voice you use. How much fun does it really sound like to sort the drawer? How enthusiastic and creative are your suggestions? How much fun do YOU want to have.
Just DO IT. Participate and feel great.

After a final wipe to the counter top, I pulled out and dumped the junk drawer contents onto an old towel I had first spread out on the counter.
"Wow" I hear in unison from my newly intrigued audience. (The bathroom breaker now back on his chair)
"Look at all this stuff." my oldest declared.
"I found a dinky toy!" says the next.
"Look Mom, here's a button, should I save it for you?" asked my third Son.
"Hey look there's a marble in here! Look Mom there are two"

"Well look at that" I declared again as I turned to put the 2 loaves of bread that I did manage to form into the oven to bake.
About the same time I realized the potential of the opportunities that stood before me. Intrigue, wonder, curiosity and a willingness to please were all awaiting me.
Seizing the opportunity I grabbed wooden spoons to sectioned off four stations on the towel, as I explained to the boys that Sorting was the name of the game.
We talked about the treasures they found and the piles that each would create and as they set off to organize...I set about to make up my mind....hmm maybe I'll bake a cake?
Not what I had planned for earlier in my day but I was learning that plans are made to be changed. Flexibility is healthy, if they be happy I be too!
 I did get my cake baked and the icing whipped up too while sharing in the beautiful ways
a boy will say and do, all the wonderful little things that boys will say and do.
Still in the kitchen by late afternoon, I need more coffee and the kids needed food, another timely distraction would soon be due.
"I'm hungry. Anyone want to help me make sandwiches?" I asked
"I do."
 "I do."
"Yeah, me too."
 "I wanna help" the last declared as I expected him to do. I'm so lucky to have so much help, it's true, it's true, it's true, it's true

The piles they had been sorting were quite a sight and they wanted Dad to see their work when he got home that night. As proud they were of their accomplishments, I was of mine, so we left the counter as it were and sat at the table to dine. 
 After serving supper and bathing away the messes created on a body in a day,
we reading stories together as we ate cake. I ponder for a moment as I reflect on my day,
How sweet it is to participate at exhausting myself ever day, while learning to Mother as I labor away....

After tucking in and settling Son by Son, I'd wandered outside to contemplate Westward at the setting Sun.
Knowing that my work as a Mother will never be done, I stumble to bed not long after I'm done!

"Morning Mom, can I have some juice and what will we do today?" I hear from behind me the first riser say.
After pouring my coffee and counting my blessings I turned towards him to say,

What shall we do today?..What shall we do today, what shall we do today, what shall we do?
Shall we start a new adventure like writing on the walls....
thanks to Pippy Longstocking for this little jingle. I still sing it out loud.

"Let's see what Alan Nursall is doing today"
Sitting beside my Son sipping my coffee on the couch, wearing messy hair and PJ's with a big smile on my face, I snuggle into his place in time.
 "I love you Son and I'm so glad your mine" I share as I smile at him.
Smiling back at me and then away from me, he lifts the blanket for his brother and not long after, his other and soon following, his other brother to get under the cover.
  Sipping my coffee in my PJ's I understand that the beauty of the day is not in how I look but rather in what we will discover today.
"I love you Mom" they have each taken the time to say.
 Boys are more than beautiful, they are great. Celebrate!

Show image  Keeping my alive!              
I don't like spiders and snakes
but that ain't what it takes to Love you           
Alan Nursall.
His wonderful, fun, hands on science experiments are awesome, inspiring and engaging!
        Keeping it Cool

Add a little Alan Nursall to your everyday!
 Catch him on DISCOVERY.CA

Read More at MY PAGE

The Art of Fundraising

The Art of Fundraising
Money does have a smell (in spite of the fact it doesn't grow on trees!)
Consider a Custom Made COOKBOOK for your next Fundraiser.
The wonderful smells of our PTA Cookbook
 wafted through the school classrooms long before publication. 
We ran a Spring Contest within the School to gather our Recipes.

Each class was invited to Submit their favorite recipe on a form we had Pre Printed. 
TIP! Next time they would be required to TYPE their submissions 
Many hours of the organizing were spent on attempting to first decipher and then legibly rewrite
a portion of the handwritten Recipes we did receive.
The classroom that submitted the most Recipes was rewarded with a Pizza Party.
We got 186 recipes from the Grade 12 Chem. class alone!
The kids were all thrilled to add their names to the book. It would become a keepsake of their graduating class of recipes.
In the layout of the page we had been able to add beautiful quotes and sayings to each page (Optional)

After finally sorting the Recipes into Categories with Titles and Title Pages
(from the Templates that are offered) 
We put everything into an Envelope and mailed it off to Rasmussen.
 We placed our order at the end of the School Year
 (increasing our Profits by another 3 or 5% by capitalizing on their discount to order in July)
 The Cookbooks arrived  via Courier, nicely packed into boxes
 three weeks later.
In the Meantime..
I went to work printing up labels and Posters. 
The Posters were plastered wherever people would let us put them up and the labels were glued onto lidded cans bought at the Dollar Store.
They were Dora the Explorer cans as it were with sealed lids on top and bottom. (like a juice can)
I cut a money slot  into the top lid of each can and glued on our Cook book labels. They worked perfectly. 
Cook Books and a cans were delivered to Retail outlets in our little Town.  
Purchasers could put the 7.00 in the can and take their Cook Book
without too much bother to the Retailer. 
We were not required to pay for the prime spot on their counters. 
Weekly someone went back to collect the can of money and replace the can with another. It was also ensured that they didn't run out of Cookbooks to sell

In less than three weeks we had sold ALL 500 Cookbooks printed!
 At a cost of $3.50 each and a selling price of $7.00 per Cookbook we doubled our money!
It was a much easier Sell than chocolates or coupon books. 
Naturally everyone who had contributed to the Cook Book 
wanted a copy for themselves..and a copy for their Mothers too! 

Gateway Rasmussen Click Here for Details 
about publishing your own fundraising Cookbook.

More Fundraising HERE 

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