Oct 25, 2013

Costume Crafting Away

Twas the sweet smell of the autumn air seeping in from the opened window in my kitchen, just above my sink where I fill my morning pot with water to run through the aromatic granules of coffee that awoke and sparked my motivation this morning.
Wafting up my nostrils was the distinguishable smell of fallen leaves dampening on the ground outside, mixed with the annual aroma of manure being loving spread across the country fields, mingling with the scent of snow that soon will blow. In fact, it is forecast for Sunday, so now we've been told!

For the last two weeks now I have been engrossed in whipping up this years requests for Halloween Costumes. I enjoy the hunt for materials, the challenges of construction, the originality of the end result and the smile on the face of a satisfied customer!
 I know from experience that whipping up these costumes, largely from re-cycled or luckily found pieces is not an overnight process. The greatest challenge of production is finding the right piece in the right place,
at the right time, before running out of time.
DIY Mickey Mouse Costume

Once upon a time I made up their minds.

I would stitch as I saw fit and they would wear any of it. Those were the days.
The candy was more important than the costume one wore.

 I now give the boys a 3 week notice prior to Halloween to make up their minds. If a costume has not ordered by October 1st, the request will be deemed as too late to start.

This year I received requests to make Mickey and Minnie Mouse Costumes and Dobby and Winky Costumes(House Elves) from Harry Potter.

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The other two boys (still on the cusp of enjoying the candy more than the costume) dug through the tickle trunk of costumes past, to emerge as odd characters of mix and match.
The end of October is now obvious as the reflection of self in the window. It is 8:00 am and it's still dark outside. Autumn has come and Halloween is near, I've run out of time for playing in here.
I'll now head outside to put hoses away, to store deck chairs and tuck the tables away.
I'll string out the webbing and put the ghosts in their place,before digging out the candy and painting my face.

Tomorrow is another day. Time to clean up and put Halloween away.
Christmas is now only 60 days away.
Happy Autumn to you and yours.
Craft, Laugh and play!

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