Sep 12, 2013

Identity Crisis

And now what?

"It's the most wonderful day of the year, isn't it?"
 I called out to my neighbor who was standing (now alone) at the end of her driveway.
 We watched as her little ducklings made their way up the road towards the Elementary School, her youngest just entering Grade 1 this year.
  "I'm not sure she confessed," as she wandered towards me.
" I think I'm having an Identity Crisis" she continued.
 " I'm not sure what I'll do all day now." she lamented.

 I smiled.

 As the stay at home parent to four children myself, the last of whom just graduated this past year, I could identify with her Identity Crisis and her fear of filling all the free time she was imagining having!
  "Fear not" I assured her, "Your short day will be filled with washing, wonder, worry and wit!  Savor every moment of it.
 Soon enough it will be a time that you miss.

Home is.. Where Life really Happens. 

 The worth of your duties will now be measured by your investment in self and not by the dollar nor the labels we acquire from everyone else!
 Seek to find the time that you won't have to nurture identity and love self. Take some of the time that is given so readily to else.
Fear not the changes that perpetuate the necessity
 to re-situate, by understanding that plans are made...
to be changed. 
Avoid exhaustion and the heartache of frustration by remembering to celebrate the moments wisely chosen to elevate..
If Momma ain't happen no one is..fits in here

As the writer of rules and the ruler of the roost
and the doer of things you never imagined doing..
As the enforcer of Rules, Respect and Dignity, 
our common sense must be bigger than societies Bigotries. 

The Apple never falls from the tree? goes here
 In looking back it's clear to me that I was right where I should have been..
Amid the middle of the muddle of a Mother in love,
 surrounded by family and the raising of.

Measuring up will be hard to do in the eyes a soul never walked in your shoes. Pooh, Pooh to those who don't see the importance of Parenting in Society.
 The Mental Health of a Nation is grown at home.

You don't know what you've got till it's gone..goes here
Conscious, Moral independence be the ultimate goal of Parenting without daily rewards.
 A busy road we must travel, over bumps and through gravel. Over mountains and across seas, through meadows and thick trees we will trudge with child on back and snack in pack-
 towards a separation that becomes the meaning of an end.

-To a time when our children will leave home, each giving their heart and mind to someone else, that we begin to see the fruits of the labors of a Domestic Engineer. 
It is in the growth of our children that we can begin to know
whether as mentors we have grown. 

 23 years older I have grown since the birth of my Domesticity.  
Onward I will travel now with the thankful memories
of Mothering a generation that will soon Mother me.

Call me when ever you feel alone, I'm at home waiting for you to phone. I'm having a crisis in my kitchen next door.. don't know what to do with myself anymore.

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