Aug 24, 2013

Polymer Play

Lillian the Domestic Engineer
Polymer Clay Cane Earrings

 I just can't say enough about this wonderful stuff... 
 Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay should be kept in the kitchen medicine cabinet and considered as a treatment or cure for

#1. Boredom 
 Got some time to fill? Even if you bake nothing, the pleasure of palming the Polymer placates the mind.
Give some 21st Century "Plasticine" to the kids to bust their boredom. Their  imaginations lay within just waiting to take shape!

#2 Physical Therapy
All work and no play is no way to be productive in therapy! Putting Polymer in the hands of the Elderly
puts play back into the work of therapy. Creativity just follows naturally. 
#3 Depression
Feeling blue? The simple pleasure of producing an object of beauty and desire while sitting quietly with self, created from a baggy of clay that is then baked in the oven only 5 feet away, 
can certainly cast a light at the end of an otherwise gloomy day.
(having suffered from both depression and Post Partum Blues I am not intending to make light of these very real medical conditions)

#4 Frustration
 Things just not going your way? Can't find your Stress Ball? Plans suddenly changed for the day? 
 Punch it, poke it... take it out on the clay! 

                                          Make the most of your every day
Lillians Polymer Clay Cane Earrings

Smile, laugh and take time to play!

 I love these little Dancers.
Polymer Clay  Dancer Drop Earrings

                                            Tea for two..

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