Jul 7, 2013

Organized Chaos

As a Hockey Mom for 13 years I used to wonder what safety sense it made to send a bunch of eager kids out on razor sharp blades, equipped in protective gear and armed with sticks and pucks, onto a sheet of ice all in the name of fun?
Provide for them a young Referee who will be expected to keep order and maintain control of the game, the players, the Coaches and the spectators, while blowing both the "Go" and the "No" whistle.
Add to the mix of great Volunteers a few who may have just showed up for all the wrong reason and then settle oneself in on the wooden bench for a Minor Hockey Season.

Is there any wonder why it's been said that the only difference between Hockey Moms and Pit Bulls, may be lipstick.

Little did I know all the action I have been missing elsewhere.

Twas 10 years ago that one of our kids first chose to play a season of Lacrosse. At 9-10 years old the kids were not as physically apt at inflicting the same wounds that a 6 foot, 200 pound player may be capable of doing.
The 17-21 yr old Lacrosse Jerseys are clean and are now reason for me to wander out to a Lacrosse Game for a look and see.

My Word....it's tough on me.
Definitely a fast paced game.
I'd have to say that Lacrosse appears more violent than hockey but "They" all insists it's a safer game?
I'm keeping on the play anyways with a few more grey and the added frustration of knowing that as my kids age, I have less and less to say about the sports they chose to play.
One of the boys plays a mean Squash Game, not really a spectator sport but great exercise just the same.
In spite of the action in the heat of the play I am grateful for organized sports in so many ways.

Play ON!

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