Jul 3, 2013

Alberta Heats Up!

Edmonton Sun
   It was +33 degrees Celsius outside yesterday.
The Humidity made it FEEL like + 43 Degrees.

EDMONTON - It has never felt hotter in Edmonton than it did on Tuesday, said CTV Edmonton’s meteorologist Josh Classen.
Even though Tuesday’s mercury only rose to 33 C, the elevated humidity levels combined with that temperature to make it feel like 43, Classen tweeted. That’s the hottest since record keeping started in 1880, he said over Twitter.
The previous hottest humidex warning was issued Aug. 5, 1998, tipping the stickiness factor to 39.4.
The hottest temperature record, without adjusting for humidity, was 37.2 C on June 29, 1937, Classen said.
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                              Prairie Skies
                  Amid the vastness of a Prairie Sky, 
         on a canvas with a color pallet much larger than life,
         where Art is much, much more than beautiful or nice..
                 the shape of an evening is formed in the sky,
              of the colors displayed on a hot Summers night. 
Alberta Heats Up



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