Jun 30, 2013

Shoot for the Stars

             I look skyward in awe, at the space in time
                                             Life begins, ends and is lived as a Matter of time.
What will dark Matter, matter in time?
                  seeing Matter meet meaning 
                       in search of the Divine.
                                           Is it all a Matter of space or of space in time?
My little place in space
               Feeling the heat as the temperature rises
        I see the power in the heavens and the glory 
        in skies. 
Rain is imminent as the weather collides
Easterly breezes meeting Westerly skies

The outcome of a reality that's a matter of mind

I watch in awe of the power and the glory
as Mother Nature, nurtures.

       I seek shelter from the storm for body and mind

                                                knowing it's all a matter of time
until we all start to unwind

                         Capturing the visual in a memory

                                                              I see life lived in history
and feel the power of memories

Preserved for the pleasure of my humanity

I continue to busy myself with looking for the things I cannot see
Wandering  into the open spaces of my reality 

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