May 4, 2013

Window Splashings and other Colorful things

Let the Sun shine in!

Art is the window to the Soul of a community
Window Splashes
Let It Snow !
Hand Painted Snow Flakes

and snow..
and snow!
I have enjoyed painting Snowflakes this season
wherever anyone would let me.
These snowflakes were relatively easy to do.
Using a white Paint Marker and a ruler
I begin by drawing the center circle and the star
around it.
The straight lines out from the star are then
put on using the ruler and the little ditties on each line
are drawn in freehand. They can be made as big or as small as you like.

 I did do a window of snowflakes with colored paint markers
it was absolutely gorgeous when the sun shone in and on the snowflakes

Spring Splashing

Window Splash

  I bloom in every season and think that
a little Goofy is great!

GOOFY Window Splash

even though it can be darn hard work!

BOOKS are a blessing !
Books are a blessing!

E- How Window Splashes    Go for it!

Window splashing adds a new dimension to your Seasonal decorating.(any season)
With acrylic paints from the dollar store and an assortment of brushes
you too will be splashing soon!

Because the paint is so relatively easy to remove, Window Splashing is Perfect for kids too. 
Due ensure that you employ the use of a Drop Cloth. This is an old sheet, blanket or piece of plastic that is placed on the floor around the area where the painting will occur.
Because the paint is water soluble, it wipes off of walls when it is wet. It can stain fabrics however so get out your crafting aprons before you start.

 I am a great copyist and look for things to copy from everywhere. I have a great collection of children's picture books that are a great source of inspiration...
                       Piglet was perfect!

These Grads were fun and fairly easy to do.
I painted the Grad Silhouettes and the banners on the inside
and then painted the writing on the outside of the windows.
The wording was outlined with black dots of paint applied with a small paintbrush after the blue had dried.

Our second Son Graduated that year.
He and his Escort both wore pink so in their Honor
I painted Pink Pumps and a bracelet on her
and put Pink Wheels on the skateboard for him.

Window Splash Grads 2011

      by Special Request

Hare Harley Window Splash

Cycle Santa window painting


Just for the love of Splashing..
Scenic window splash


                                   Wherever I can!

                                 CHALK PAINT!

Chalk Wall Art

This was created on a chalk wall.

                                     Wonderful fun!

Run to your local Hardware Store to purchase a couple quarts of Chalk Board paint.
Chalkboard paint can be used to fun up furniture, paint on doors and walls and even cleverly be put to use on crafts.
Simply supply the chalk and watch the Art grow.

To aide in attaining a streak free, fairly black surface to re-art on each time, I lightly spray the board with Windex or Fantastic before wiping with a wet cloth.
Rinsing the cloth a couple of times in clean water, before the final wipe.
Marvelous Martha makes good use of Chalk Paint
Mint Flower Pot

Aren't they delightful!
What a wonderful gift idea. 

   Ain't it PERDI, PONGO!
Perdi and Pongo

                                     SHUT the front door!
Sir John Window Splash
TD Summer Reading Program. Check your local Library.

  Summer Splashing
     When Butterflies flutter by

A Splash of Pink on the Seniors Center    

When Butterflies flutter by

Raising money for Breast Cancer Research     

     TD Summer Reading Fun at your local Library
Check out your local Library for a list of FREE Summer Fun, adventures and activities for children of all ages. 
 The Program runs in Libraries across Canada all summer long. 
Adventures in Summer reading await. Sign up at your local Library today.

This years (2013) theme is "GO" TD Summer Reading Program

  The Alberta Library Card. Don't leave home without it.
   Visit The Alberta Library Website to discover ALL that this card (generally FREE) can do for you and your Family. You will be amazed!

Come on In!

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