May 26, 2013

How to cut up a Pineapple

We go Bananas for #Pineapple!

Did you know .....
      * A Pineapple can take up to 2 years to fully grow, reaching as much as 20 pounds (9kg)
 a piece. Because we pick them much sooner the fruits are much smaller.

   *Pineapples were kept on ships and used to ward off Scurvy in Sailors.This is how  Pineapples and Tomatoes came to be found in every corner of the globe.

    *Did you know you can plant a Pineapple Plant. Simply twist the greens off the top of the

Pineapple, let it sit in a dry dark place for 7 days until the end hardens and plant it
 Check out for details

* Pineapples are packed with cough and cold remedy. Vitamin C and Bromelaid.
 Bromelaid (an Enzyme) is an excellent aide for digestion and is a wonderful cough suppressant and mucus loosener.

* Bromelaid is an Enzyme that helps to break down protein, making Pineapple juice perfect for marinating meat.

*Pineapple was given its English name because of its resemblance to the Pine Cone.

*Both the fruit and the root of the Plant can be eaten or applied as a topical anti-inflammatory

*A Pineapple never ripens more ripe than it was at harvest.

 * Fresh Pineapple will keep for several days at room temperature. Refrigeration may extend the life of the fruit up to a week.

   *Indulge yourself. Enjoy a Pineapple today!

How to Cut Up a Pineapple 
 to maximize the fruits of your labor!

How to Cut Up a Pineapple

Stand the Pineapple up on it's end (greens up) on a cutting Board.

Grab hold of the Pineapple greens in one hand and with a sharp variegated knife  in the other,starting at the top, cut in a downward motion slicing off about 1/4 thickness of peel. Turn the Pineapple around to finish removing all peels. 
 Lay the Pineapple onto its side and slice off the bottom round (usually about a 1/2-3/4  inch)
 Slice off the Pineapple tops at the other end.
While still on its side slice the Pineapple in half lengthwise. 
 To remove the Pineapple hearts, make 2 angel slices into the Pineapple half, deep enough to remove the heart but not deep enough to cut the Pineapple in half (just yet). 

Remove the hearts.
 Finish cutting the Pineapple piece in half and turn pieces over. 
Slice the Pineapple meat into slices.
                                      And Enjoy

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