Apr 17, 2013

Normal is still a Relative to me.

I lived a normal childhood. As normal was to me...

We drove our bicycles without helmets and rode in cars without belts. We played outside unprotected and unsupervised.

We made mud pies in the sun shine and drew with chalk on walks,
 while guzzling Kool Aid and eating hot dogs.

We walked alone to school and home everyday
to Parents who would reiterate what our Teachers had said.

We respected our elders and our National Anthem too
 because we knew that's what was expected of you.

We stood at attention while singing out loud;
 eager,excited, naive and proud.

 Nightly, we gathered together in the family room
 to tune in to what The Beverly Hillbillies were doing.
 The racey comedy...Jed, Granny and Elly May with all her moves!

 The Carol Burnett Show was funny and the Fonz was cool too
 but our favorite was the Brady Bunch who lived with blended rules.
We would watch the Walton's just before heading to bed
right after the Public Announcement on the TV had said,
 It's now 9:00 PM. Do you know where your children are?

 Sunday was dump day, our favorite family activity. It was close, easy and absolutely free!
The icing on the cake so to speak was chomping down on a burger from the burger family
 while chugging down a shake in a race with siblings.
 Brain freeze and deep fryers hold good memories for me.

The air was fresh and the food was too, it was the second hand smoke that might kill you.
People puffed in the Market and in their cars, in hospital rooms and in shopping malls.
Smoke, smoke where ever you are!.

The neighbors were believed to be looking out for and not peeking in on the community.
The elderly were warm but not fresh so when you went next door to borrow sugar
you could bet
that there was nothing else that went with that, except perhaps getting a home made cookie.
Getting a little more than you were asking for is what that meant.

I'm a little older than I used to be and although once taller than I've now shrunk to be,
but the normal that once was, is still  relative to me. My Parents live not far away.
I sit down feeling like I'm seven again, to laugh along with Carol and Harvey and friends,
warmed by the memories of  family and thankful for the ever running, re runs on Satellite TV!
 when suddenly a familiar BEEEEEP emotes from the TV,
a public service announcement....now, on the state of reality. 

  The egg lady has busted the Lawyers To Do, 
 the kids are looser and the drugs are too.
  It's no longer legal to shop at the dump
  and family time now features -The Donald Trump!

   The Principal has run off with Mama PTA
   just a week before graduation day.
   Our parliament is puffing over second hand smoke
   and the legal system is wounded, some would even say broke.

 The good old days are gone some say; left town shortly after Jed and Ellie-May..
As I prepare to get on my way, I'm thankful for the relatives that gave normal to me.
Goodnight Mom. Goodnight Dad, love you. See you next week.

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