Apr 30, 2013

Fun with Fundraising

 It's only a matter of Time until there is no more.
Our children are only young once. Don't close the door.
Volunteer if you dare.
 You'll never regret having been there.

Public Education is not what it used to be. 
 Classroom equipment and text books too,
 sports jerseys and even basketball hoops,
video libraries and swimming lessons indeed 
 are all "extra curricular" activities in dire need of volunteers.

 Master the fun in fundraising
 by donating your time generously.

One, four hour shift annually
working alongside 13 other willing volunteers
at a Bingo Hall in your community
nets $800.00/per  for student opportunities.

Typically the PTA will be slotted to work up to 14 Bingo's in a school year. 
That's 14 Bingo's and 14 bodies per, only 196 bodies required to raise over 14,000.00 annually,
 one four hour shift at a time.

Apparently it's time we don't prioritize for. Too often the volunteer ends up being a no show.
Some have the decency to call last minute to say that something else has come there way.
Others don't call they just walk away. Either way it's not a nice way to play.

The window of opportunities shrink as our children grow.
 From elementary to adolescence and onto graduation
we expect that our children are getting a good education.

Time is of the essence, no more time for assuming. Our children need us now.
We need an annual, paid Volunteer Day off so parent(s) and guardians everywhere
 can give their time to the efforts so required of and by public education institutions.
Volunteerism is an instrumental and integral part of the Good in a good education.

 This day off will be no holiday but you should plan to have fun with  it.

Fun with Fundraising
Because  Individuals  Need  Growing Opportunities
Being Involved  Never  Gets   Old
Believe  I Netting  Great  Outcomes            
Become  Invested  Now... G     

 Volunteer to Help today!

 A-Z of Fundraising
 Fundraising is a duty that must be done!

Please  do not send money, it does not buy lost opportunity.
Come in person if you please your time is much more valuable to me.

   Volunteer to Help today, Call your local School.

   Looking for a new Fundraiser. Try a Cookbook
      Check out what's cooking..Click Here and scroll way down page


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