Apr 12, 2013

Happy Holiday

                                      My kind of Holiday. I stay put and the world goes away!

Happy Holiday

              An unusually beautiful, quiet, calm greeted me 
                       as I stepped out my front door this morning. 

                                    No crickets cricketing, no birds chirping, no bugs a buzzing.
                                    No coyotes calling, no dogs bawling...no bunnies running!
                                   No neighbors waking, no kids cruising, no cats prowling.
                                   No calling commitments, no commitments calling.

                                  No TV roaring, no radio blaring, no wind blowing.
                                  No highway traffic, no trucks passing.

                                 It's a Long weekend and everyone is away
                                                  Even the wind is on a holiday!

                              I intend to enjoy every moment of this precious day.

                                       Think I'll play in my garden today
                                                     The weeds here never take a holiday!            

Lillian the Domestic Engineer

                                                        I shall Rest, Relax and Rejuvenate                                                                                                                     The world gets back on Sunday night.
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