Dec 10, 2012

Yes You Candle


Candles never go out of style, do they?
     Melt and Pour GEL CANDLES
         are the Gift that keeps on giving. 


  These slow burning GEL CANDLES
  are the perfect gift
  for everyone on your list!
 Scented to suit their personalities and colored to please
 giving a homemade Candles
 is way easier than it seems!

I purchased a 3.1 KG bucket of 
Melt and Pour Gel Wax  and a bag of wicks at Michael's Craft Store.
 Of course before I headed off to purchase my Gel
I printed out the Coupon for 40% off any regular priced item at Michaels Craft Store.
I ended up paying 38.00 for the bucket of Gel and will make at least 30 candles. The wicks were 4.00 for 20.
The wax receptacles and the plates or saucers I use underneath are purchased throughout the year
at minimal costs. This clear glass, perfect shaped receptacle was purchased for .50. The plate I had in my cupboard. The white Poinsettias I picked up also at Michaels. They were regular 4.99 bunch on sale for 1.99
The 3 flowers attached are then worth cents as are the silver floral bits that I clipped from a branch I bought at the second hand store for.25

 Make your Gift giving affordable and from the Heart!
It cost me about $3.00 to make this Gel Candle.
The reflection on the top of the candle
look a little like Frosty
wearing a red scarf
erecting his flag
on the Moon.

A little class in a glass!
Champagne wishes and Gel Candle dreams

 The little Angel is actually a Tree Ornament that can be detached and hung on the tree.
Truly a gift that can be loaded with personality.
 Cheers to the season of crafting merrily
I use a large coffee can to melt and store my Melt and Pour Gel Candle Wax. 
I collect and recycle (yup I scrape and wash out) used candle receptacles for re use and I gather my finds and decorative bits from wherever, whenever..

Champagne Wishes

I loved this Festive Candle.

The Champagne glass is attached to the saucer with hot glue before filling it with Melt and Pour Gel Wax.
The ornaments are also hot glued to the saucer.
No colors were added to the first few candles here.
 Gel Wax that has been melted and heated fairly quickly will produce more bubbles than a can of Gel Wax heated and melted over a longer period of time at a lower temperature. I used the bubbling intentionally to create the effect of Champagne bubbles in the glass.
Melt and Pour Gel Candle
The Gift that keeps on giving...
I got these beautiful glass dessert bowls from my Mom who found them in her local bargain store for a dollar or two each and opted to buy them knowing how great they were for candles and how much I would love them. They did make beautiful candles.
 The saucer has in-layed flowers and petals in pinks and pastel greens and was purchased at the Dollar Store.
 The green and gold balls I detached from a center piece I had long ago gotten and the green seasonal trim were a Classic.

I was inspired to create this Gel Candle by the small package of Poinsettias in a Pot that I had discovered in my travels.They were cute, mini candles!
I first attached the mini candle to the bottom of the wine glass with melted candle wax. I then poured in the melted Gel Wax careful to not pour directly onto the top of the Poinsettia.
There was some distortion to the bottom of the pot  and as you can see the clear gel did murk a bit but I thought it a Happy Accident as I enjoyed the overall effect.
Under all the foliage and fun is a beautiful brass plate.
This was a wonderful table piece.

So I ran with the table center piece theme...
Red coloring and Cinnamon Scent were added to this candle.
A Beautiful Gift.
The candles can be personalized
with whatever realizes!
in Blues and Bows
as Chunks in Bowls

This candle was created on a dinner plate. The beautiful glass bowl was the perfect fit, it made not only a classy candle but also a great conversation piece.
I poured clear melted Gel Wax into  molds to create the clear cubes of Gel that were then placed on top of the half bowl of  pale green Gel wax that had  been poured in and already set. I thought they effectively represented ice cubes in the Appi Bowl.
The Candle wicks can be purchased at most Craft Stores. I like to buy the wicks that are ready to set into the candle. They come with the wick already in the little stand, although you can buy the little silver holder and the wick by length separately.

Light Up your Life
Gel Candle Lillian the Domestic Engineer

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