Nov 25, 2012

Polymer Key Canes

Polymer Clay canes
Original Fun Fashionable

Polymer Key Cane
Polymer Key Canes

Polymer Clay Canes
 Get started Today! Follow this Link for simple HOW TO PLAY
Simple designs are fun and fairly quick to create.
Learn to create "logs" of Polymer Clay and you will be fast on your way to a life of exciting play with Polymer Clay!

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                 How I made my Polymer Clay Key Cane

#1. Each Key Cane starts as a walnut sized piece of Polymer Clay. 
It is kneaded, rolled into a ball and set aside.

#2. Individual Canes are created and then thinly sliced slabs (of same) are placed and pressed onto the balls surface.

#3. The balls are then rolled to a smooth finish and a hole is pierced through the center.

#4. They are then baked at 250 degree Oven for 10 minutes.

#5. I thread a thin wire rod through the hole and finish the top with a Chrystal Bead and a loop.
#6. Attach a key ring to the wire loop. 

These Cork Key Chains were a happy surprise!
 I made small beads using bright green and transparent yellow Polymer Clay. 
After baking the beads I started to threaded them onto a 20 gauge wire when suddenly they began to look like... grapes. AHA!
          then Grapes they be...I just happened to have oodles of corks in a bag in the craft drawer upstairs.
They were just what I needed.
The toughest part of the project was piercing the cork all the way through to ensure that I could then push the wire through the cork for Key Chain assembly.

Cork + Polymer Clay Key Chain


  Twas several years before that I had made an awful lot of Cork Horse Ornaments 
 as a result of the generous donation of corks I had been blessed with.
  Did I say I made a lot of Cork Horse...I'm not sure how this bag of corks works!

    even after the Key Chains...
                                                                                       I am still laden with corks!
The Cork Horse Ornament

Polymer Clay Bowl
Beautiful Bowls can also be created
with the slabs of Polymer Clay Canes

This Bowl was formed and baked directly on the back of a glass Nappy Bowl that I had in my cupboard.

I use it as a Jewel Bowl on my night table.

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                   Lillian The Domestic Engineer

Polymer Perfection
  Ornaments                      Bracelet                 Embellishment
Polymer Key Canes
 Kids CAN Play!
I ran a Key Cane class for Fathers Day, with a group of kids at The local Library
 As always, I was in awe of the impressive results.
We worked  at creating simple canes and at forming basic shapes.Within the 2 hour span of time that the class ran the kids had each created one simple shape key chain and at least 2 simple Canes.
Several of the boys chose to roll their leftover slices and bits into little balls that they then baked. They left the class with the addition of their own Handmade Marbles! (ingenious)
After a long, quiet, contemplative time and a good hour of crafting one of the little fellows excitedly exclaimed
"This a lot like rolling up Sushi."
I smiled at his revelation and then thanked them all for the opportunity I had been given as their instructor for the day.
"I couldn't agree with you more." I lamented
 I learned a lot today.

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