Nov 27, 2012

Plant a Pen today!


Cleverly disguised PENS POTS!

Match to your guest or your room decor, place on counter and adore.

I just love these!
 Make Mom a Pen Pot for Mothers Day.
 Make and take one to work to brighten up your desk today. Create a bunch and throw a Garden Party today, marking the place settings with a gift your guests can then take away. 
Have the kids create one for the Teacher or your elderly neighbor just to say, Thanks for being there, You brighten our day.

Never lose your pen again! 
These pretty pens manage to find themselves back in the pot
more often than not.
 (I must confess to arriving home many a time myself myself to find an acquired pen or two in my pocket.) How and when it got there remaining ever a mystery. This Pen is too big not to notice yourself attempting to stuff it into your pocket.
Instructions HERE
I ran a Pen Pot class for kids from 4-14 year to Plant a Pen for Mothers DAy
Each and all of them enjoyed themselves and their resulting finished product.
One of the young ladies participating made a good point when she declared
 "It is the most perfect gift for my Mom because she is a Gardener without a green thumb!"

The little cards said
on one side
and the word Mom was mirrored upside down to read
on the other side.

Not long  after I ran my class I happened to see  a dozen Pen Pots on display at the Insurance Office I had occasion to visit. One of the Ladies working there had made one for atop each of the six wickets..

They looked fabulous!

And speaking of the business of Crafting, each and every part of every day should be crafted carefully.

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