Sep 18, 2011

Well I'll be Jeweled!

Well I'll be Jeweled!
 Lillian the Domestic Engineer

 Recycled, Remade and Re-worn Jewelry

 Hand Made Bead Earrings

 As an avid, admittedly addicted, long time consumer of the java bean
 I was thrilled to find a necklace compiled of hand made, clay mug beads.
 It was a heavy necklace loaded with the clay coffee mug beads that were wound  into an ensemble with silver and turquoise beads.
I paid 6.00 for the necklace!
I re used the mug beads on some of the earrings below.

Coffee Cup Earrings

  I will never cease to find inspiration in the jewels that abound
      New or used... all are treasures found.
                                  Glass Bead Bracelet
                                     threaded and worn

Bead onto Memory Wire

I love that the freedom of creative expression 
can be incorporated into Art that you can wear. 


Mini frame Magnifisized!

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